$NFLX BTC 6/7 357.50 call and STO 6/14 365 call for even. Stock at 360.87
$TQQQ BTC 9/20 70 call and STO 7/5 60 call for even. ETF at 56.17.
$HIIQ BTC 6/21 28 call and STO 7/19 33 call for .60 debit. Stock at 29.70

Will these ever expire?

Have a wonderful weekend.

Shout out to Fuzzy

Go Blues! Great win in Boston last night, taking back home ice advantage and setting up a possible series-ending-Stanley-Cup winning game 6 at home. Scottrade Center errrr Enterprise Center will be rocking! It’s time to end the drought–Sunday night will be it.


#OptionsExpiration #Earnings #IronCondor
$FIVE 117/120-138/141 condors, sold Wednesday for 1.31

Have a good weekend all!


STC July 19, 320/330 call spread @ 6.50, BTO yesterday @ 4.45

Trying out HIIQ

Thanks @honkhonk81 for bringing my attention to this one.
Sold $HIIQ 7/19 jade lizard–short 26 puts + 34/37 bear call spread–for 3.20 credit.

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold to open $SPX June 10th 2805/2825-2920/2940 condors for 1.00. IV: 10.4%, SPX 2875.

Last Friday I sold the 2820/2800… but they were the CALL side.

CMG rollup

Although all my CMG put trades worked to perfection, these calls were a bridge too far. So I’m rolling.
Bought to close CMG 06/07/2019 700.00 Calls / Sold CMG 06/14/2019 710.00 Calls @ 2.20 Credit + a 10.00 point higher strike