Options Expiration

#OptionsExpiration – Just one. A nice chunk of EWZ stock called away for a small gain…

EWZ stock called away @ 40.0 (basis 39.41)


#ShortPuts – Stock looking weaker and no sense waiting two weeks for a few pennies. Watching for a re-entry…

Bought to Close EWW JUN 28 2019 41.5 Puts @ .13 (sold for .87)


#ShortPuts – Another good week for this one. Still trading near the bottom of it’s range…

Bought to Close NVDA JUN 14 2019 145.0 Put @ .30 (sold last Friday @ 2.40)

Sold NVDA JUN 28 2019 140.0 Put @ 2.52

AVGO roll

#Earnings #Rolling Sold $AVGO June 21st 267.5/262.5 put spreads for 2.40.

I have the 270/267.5 put spread expiring today, so at the moment it will be max loss of 2.50. So I rolled to next week, going down ne stark and also widening to 5.

But it is rallying now so loss may be less than 2.50. I wanted to sell the roll before its price dropped much more.

Closing AVGO

Bought to close $AVGO 7/19 230/320 strangle @ 1.75. Sold for 2.92 yesterday.

VXX put spread

Bought $VXX 7/19 28/24 bear put spread @ 1.94 debit. About 1:1 risk/reward. Breakeven 26.06 in 36 days with VXX currently at 27.38.


A TRADE: HIIQ is a weekly for next week. ;>)

HIIQ STO 6/21/19 30.0 CALLS @.65 Semi covered.

Have a great and safe weekend everybody.