STNE Call Rolled

$STNE BTC 1/3 39.50 call and STO 1/10 40 call at .25 credit.

Final roll of year.

Happy New Year and I hope this year was Happy too.

Happy new year

Happy new year to all.

Thankful for all of you.

Your sharing, your caring, your advice is much appreciated.
A wonderful community.
A wonderful leader.

All the best

Big Ben Fireworks


#ShortPuts – My last one just for fun…

Bought to Close TQQQ JAN 03 2020 79.0 Put @ .09 (sold for 1.23)

Happy New Year!!

Final 2019 trades

#SPX1dte Sold $SPX Jan 3rd 3250/3275 call spreads for 1.70. Offsets 3210/3185 put spreads sold Friday for 2.60.

Expiring today: Dec 31st 3155/3175/3255/3275 condors, sold yesterday for .80.

Happy & Healthy New Years…

Happy & Healthy New Years to ALL!!!!

SPX Campaign Closed

$SPX BTC 12/31 3175/3200 BUPS at .10. STO 12/24 at 2.40. Thank you @jeffcp66

#assignment #earnings STT October 17,…

#assignment #earnings STT

October 17, I sold a 55/65 strangle. I rolled twice and inverted to January, still was assigned on the short call argghh. The short put had some profit in it so I closed it. I’ll be dealing with this for a little while.

Happy New Year trading friends!


$RH BTO 1/17/2020 210/230 BUCS at 7.80. Joining S&P Midcap 400 index.


STO June 19, 50 call at 5.00


STO January 17, 27.5 puts at .90, a starter position if I get assigned.

NUGT Covered Calls

$NUGT STO 1/3 36.50 at .57.

Macy’s eat your heart out. Quite the display @jeffcp66

MU Earnings Closed / NUGT Puts Closed Finally / SPX Expired

#shortstrangles #earnings
$MU BTC 1/17 1/17 45/60 Strangle @ .20. STO at .83. Thank you @jsd501

$NUGT BTC 1/10/2020 32.5 pus at .88. STO at 2.68. This is a culmination of rolls since 10/18.
Ended up making less than 1 per contract. Or I earned .40 an hour for rolling. 😉

#spx1dte #Whew!
$SPX 3195/3215/3260/3280 expired. STO @ 1.75. Thank you @jeffcp66

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold $SPX Dec 31st 3155/3175-3255/3275 condors for .80, IV: 10.48%, SPX 3223.


#BullPutSpreads – Some guys in our union forum were debating the pros and cons about our outlook for next year. Have to say I’m on the fence. Lots of labor contract negotiations going on but fleet renewal will be winding down so maybe some debt reduction possible with the cash flow now. I suggested a low risk way to get long so since I suggested it I had to do it myself.

Going with an ITM bull put spread out a few months. Here’s my post from that forum:


I’m as bearish as the next guy on airlines but I’m taking a small shot with low risk…

Sold 5 AAL MAY 15 2020 35.0/30.0 Bull Put Spreads @ 3.75

What now?

1. Stock rallies above 35 by expiration full profit of $1875
2. Stock implodes then I’ll own 500 shares at a basis of 1.25 above wherever the stock ends up (in this case lower the better)
3. Stock goes to zero I’ll lose $625
4. Anything above 31.25 at expiration makes money or a near term rally makes money also

NUGT calls

Sold $NUGT 6/19 51 call @ 4.00



#BearCallSpreads – Adding just a little out to Feb…

Sold UVXY FEB 21 2020 18.0/30.0 Bear Call Spreads @ .86

UBER strangle

#PerpetualRollingStrangles BTC $UBER Jan 10th 25.5 puts for .05. GTC Order in to close 31.5 calls for same. Strangles sold for .80 on Dec 6th.


BTC FIVE iron Condor 0.65 was STO Dec 5th for 1.20


STO Jan. 17, 150 covered calls at .75


STO Feb. 21, 45 calls at 2.15


#ShortPuts – Thanks @jsd501 !

Sold LABU Jan 31 2020 48.5 Put @ 2.34

Stops breached.

#SPX1dte . Stops have been breached on all three of the put spreads I’m holding. Looking to exit, but also have to run out for awhile.


STO February 21, 45 puts at 2.60

#earnings Data From 2019 I…

#earnings Data From 2019

I placed 223 and closed 219 earnings trades in 2019.
Of those that were closed;
114 strangles, 23 double calendars, 17 iron condors, 10 short straddles, and a bunch of “various” including jade lizards, long puts and calls as hedges.
Nearly every trade was a 1 lot. I bought 3 HD double calendars by mistake and it went to the losers bracket.
I made $10,108. 197 trades were profitable with a range of 3 cents to $711. This was an assignment that worked in my favor, obviously. The average was $46.15.
There were 22 losers totalling $3,134. $1,936 in losses were from 2 trades, CL and GS early in the year. Being assigned was the cause of some losers. That is the risk with selling premium, every now and then we can get burnt.
21 trades had to be rolled, but I’m not confident of that number.
I was assigned 7 times.
I have some unsettled losing positions in TSLA (grrr), STT and ZM. SBUX is unsettled but is green.

Thank you to everyone who provides ideas and advice and trade management.

Many many thanks to Jeff for the earnings data, I make many requests and he is always gracious in providing the information, as he is with this excellent website.


$LK 30.5 put
$SPX 3195/3215/3250/3270 IC Thank you @jeffcp66 I was fortunate to be at home all day watching.


#ShortPuts – Not much left here. Hoping for better opportunities next week.

Bought to Close EWZ JAN 10 2020 43.0 Puts @ .08 (sold for .46)


STO February 21, 100 puts at 3.20

STNE Calls Rolled

$STNE BTC 12/27 38.50 call and STO 1/3/2020 39.50 call at added .10 credit and added $1 if called away next week. Stock at 38.79.


#ShortPuts – Starter position just to get something going…

Sold LABU JAN 17 2020 50.0 Put @ 1.45

Econ Calendar for week of 12/30/19

Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 1.09.59 PM
Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 1.09.59 PM

Link to calendar:

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Stopped at the car charger in Rawlins, WY, to place the trade:

Sold $SPX Dec 30th 3195/3215-3250/3270 condors for .85. IV: 5.64%, SPX 3234.

Man, my exit this morning really sucked. Had to hit the road early so I couldn’t wait, but I’ve so many times seen futures up before the open, and then just sail higher after the bell. Happened exactly the opposite way today, so I got shafted. Fortunately, it wiped out only a couple of trades from a pretty good string these last few weeks.

LK Puts Sold / LK Covered Call

$LK STO 1/10 35 puts at 1.35. Replacing the 12/27 30.5 puts that will expire today.

$LK STO 1/3 39.50 calls at .85

#rolling TSLA Have I said…

#rolling TSLA

Have I said lately that I hate TSLA.
I rolled a Jan. 3, 350 put to Jan. 3, 430 for 11.68, giving me a Jan. 3, 300/430 inverted strangle. I have collected 62.37 over 6 rolls. Next week I’ll likely roll again, earnings are coming up argghh.


BTO January 17, 605/620 bull call spread at 6.80


STO 10 Jan 138/133 for 2.11

Jade Liz.

23 DEC, STO REGN 375/375/382.5 JL FOR 8.15

26 DEC BTC FOR 7.81


Closed out my remaining PTON positions – stock sold at a small loss, but I’ve made up for it in other trades.

SPX stopped

#SPX1dte Should rolled this into a long call spread at the close yesterday…

BTC $SPX Dec 27th 3250/3270 call spreads for 3.30. Condors sold yesterday for .80. This will break me even on this trade plus the put spread for 12/31.

Driving today so I had to get out when I could… cheaper exit available now.

LABU Roll Call Up

$LABU BTC 1/3/2020 55 call and STO 1/3 60 call at $4.10 debit. Stock at 62.23.

EDIT Sell Put / EDIT Sell BUPS

$EDIT STO 1/3/2020 32 put at .75

$EDIT STO 1/17 26/31 BUPS at 1.30


#BullPutSpreads – Short a Jan 240 covered call so selling the other side now.

Sold ULTA JAN 17 2020 240.0/210 Bull Put Spread @ 2.36

SVXY Puts Closed

#svxy #Bad memory lane
$SVXY BTC 1/17/2020 puts at .05. STO at 4.40 on 2/6/2018. Thank you @fuzzballl and @jdietz1954

ROKU OKTA Calls Rolled / KL Puts Closed

$ROKU Rolled up and out the 1/3 145 calls to 1/10/2020 149 at added 1.50 credit. Stock at 145.04
$OKTA Rolled up and out the 12/27 120 calls to 1/3/2020 122 at added .30 credit. Stock at 120.41

$KL BTC 1/17 40 puts at .25. STO at 1.14. Partial closure.

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold $SPX Dec 27th 3195/3215-3250/3270 condors for .80.

IV: 5.69%, SPX 3234, deltas: .09 each side. Still more aggressive than my usual .06-.07, but I don’t anticipate big moves until after holidays.


LK BTO STOCK @35.24 & 25.00

Happy Healthy Prosperous

What More Is There To Say.

Thank you all for the help and guidance through the year.

Special shout out to @jeffcp66 who has made this happen.

Merry Christmas
Happy Chanukah
Great 2020

Hello NUGT my old friend

#ContangoETFs Sold to Open $NUGT June 19th 47 calls for 3.80 (highest strike). First position in NUGT in awhile.

Also looking at $GUSH, which is reaching 3-month highs.


BTC $NUGT 27 Dec 27 Naked Puts @0.02. Was STO @.45 on 12/19.

Rolling With Santa ROKU NUGT

$ROKU BTC 12/27 141 calls and STO 1/3/2020 145 calls at .15 debit. Stock now at 143.86.
$ROKU BTC 12/27 141 calls and STO 1/3/2020 145 calls at .25 debit. Stock now at 143.86.

$NUGT BTC 1/3/2020 33.5 puts and STO 1/10/2020 32.5 puts at .30 debit. Stock now at 31.51.


#BearCallSpreads – Taking a few more off. Looking to add to the Feb positions now if we ever get another volatility spike.

Bought to Close UVXY JAN 17 2020 24.0/34.0 Bear Call Spreads @ .13 (sold for .90)
Bought to Close UVXY JAN 17 2020 25.0/35.0 Bear Call Spreads @ .11 (sold for 1.21)


#ShortPuts – Booking a couple more…

Bought to Close TNA DEC 27 2019 68.5 Put @ .07 (sold for 1.02)

Bought to Close ULTA DEC 27 2019 242.5 Put @ .05 (sold for 2.25)

SPX 7-dte

#SPX1dte Sold $SPX Dec 31st 3200/3175 put spreads for 2.60. 7-dte by calendar but only 4 trading days.

Likely expiring today: Dec 24th 3200/3210-3245/3255 condors, sold yesterday for .45.

OKTA Covered Call

$OKTA STO 12/27/ 120 call at .75

NUGT Put Rolled

$NUGT BTC 12/27 34 put and STO 1/3/2020 33.50 put for .33 debit. Stock at 29.78. Gained .50 if put to me.
Trying to stay away from the putter or is that the pooter. I don’t know. 😉



$SPX STO 12/24 3190/3210 BUPS at .50.


#CoveredCalls – Rolling out to the week before earnings while waiting for a pullback. Hoping for a good roll into earnings on some weakness.

Rolled REGN DEC 27 2019 310.0 Call to JAN 31 2020 312.5 Call @ 1.00 debit


#ShortCalls – No sense waiting around for Little Rocket Man to do something stupid…

Bought to Close UVXY DEC 27 2019 16.5 Calls @ .03 (sold for .61)

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX Dec 24th 3200/3210-3245/3255 condors for .45, 10-wide, double sized. Last year’s Xmas Eve plunge notwithstanding, I’m betting against any big moves tomorrow.

Dec 23rd 3185/3195-3245/3255 condors, sold Friday for .40
Dec 23rd 3160/3135 put spreads, sold last Tuesday for 2.00


BTC December 2020, 250 puts at 9.50, sold at 13.00, decided to take a quick profit and look at things next year. If they decide to kill the MAX, it could get real ugly.

STNE ROKU Covered Calls / LK Put

$STNE STO 12/27 38.50 call at .35
$ROKU STO 12/27 141 call at 1.70
$ROKU STO 12/27 141 call at 1.60

$LK STO 1/3/2020 32 put at .80


#ShortPuts – Starter position. Come and get it Mr. Market…

Sold TNA JAN 17 2020 67.5 Put @ 1.38


BTC December 27, 29 puts at .05, sold at .60 cents.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from Denver!

Refresh your page for holiday cheer.

Econ Calendar for week of 12/23/19

The market closes early on Tuesday, 1pm ET.
Closed on Wednesday.

Screen Shot 2019-12-20 at 11.21.21 PM
Screen Shot 2019-12-20 at 11.21.21 PM

Link to calendar:



Expiring worthless
$FB 190 put Thank you @jsd501
$TTD 230/240 BUPS
$TNA 57.5 put Thank you @fuzzballl
$PLAN 50 put
$ROKU 150 call
$OKTA 117 call
$MOMO 40 call
KSS 65 call

Offsetting my worthless were those costing more at expiration
$TSLA 340/380 BECS
$COST 295/305 BUCS (Wish I had mistakenly switched these two trades);-)
$ROKU 135/145 BUPS

$STNE assigned at 40. Basis 38.40. Stock at 38.01
$LSCC Called away at 40 as it closed at 40.01. (It happens)

Have a great weekend.

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold $SPX Dec 23rd 3185/3195-3245/3255 condors for .45, 10-wide, double sized position. Did this on my Mac while Tesla was in Auto Pilot. Not recommended, but I forgot to do it while we were stopped.


Expiring today:

OX $DRIP Dec 20 57 Puts – STO 12/19 @.75
OX $NVDA Dec 20 205/215 #BuPS – STO 12/13 @1.02
OX $PTON Dec 20 33 Calls (Covered). STO – 12/11 as Dec 20 32 Calls @1.00, Rolled up to Dec 20 33c @-0.5.
OX $WORK Dec 20 28 Calls (Covered)

Happy weekend all!


STO January 17, 200 puts at 2.23

AAPL BUPS Closed / SPX Campaign Closed

$AAPL BTC 1/17/2010 230/240 BUPS at .12. ST at 1.17.

$SPX BTC 12/23 3136/3160 BUPS at .10. STO 12/17 at 2.00. Thank you @jeffcp66 and safe fun travels.

Calendars bust

#Earnings Both Dub Cals this week closed at losses. $FDX never had a chace, closed for a debit of .02. $ACN was profitable yesterday, but Ii made the mistake of waiting: closed for a credit of .15 to .30.


#CoveredCalls – Weak and barely hanging onto support so continuing aggressive sales.

Bought to Close SQ DEC 20 2019 65.5 Calls @ .05 (sold for 1.20)
Sold SQ JAN 3 2020 64.0 Calls @ 1.52


STO Dec 27 33c @0.80. Replacing Dec 20 33 calls that should expire today. Basis $24.58.

SPX stopped

#SPX1dte BTC $SPX Dec 20th 3230/3250 call spreads for .40. Condors sold yesterday for .75.

Stop was breached at the open. Hitting the road today so won’t be able to manage much.

ROKU BUPS Closed / KSS Earnings Strangle Closed / FB BUCS W/Put Kicker Closed / PLAN CC Rolled

$ROKU BTC 12/20 120/130 BUPS at.35. STO 11/14 at 2.50.

$KSS BTC the put side of the 12/20 50/65 strangle at .15. The call will expire. STO the strangle on 11/18 for 1.65.
Thanks to @jeffcp66 the “Data Provider” , @thomberg1201 the “Trade Provider” and patience. Did I mention luck?

#bucs #shortputs
$FB STC 12/20 200/210 BUCS at 3.66. BTO 11/18 at 3.21. Also sold 12/20 190 put to pay part of trade. It should expire.
Thank you @jsd501 for this well thought out transaction. Of course if I had shown more patience I would have picked up another $1 a mere 30 minutes after I closed the spread. Ah, timing!!

$PLAN BTC 12/20 55 call and STO 1/17/2020 57.50 covered call at added .83 credit. Stock at 53.07.

Somehow I feel a little guilty for typing put kicker – don’t know why.