ROKU BUPS Closed / KSS Earnings Strangle Closed / FB BUCS W/Put Kicker Closed / PLAN CC Rolled

$ROKU BTC 12/20 120/130 BUPS at.35. STO 11/14 at 2.50.

$KSS BTC the put side of the 12/20 50/65 strangle at .15. The call will expire. STO the strangle on 11/18 for 1.65.
Thanks to @jeffcp66 the “Data Provider” , @thomberg1201 the “Trade Provider” and patience. Did I mention luck?

#bucs #shortputs
$FB STC 12/20 200/210 BUCS at 3.66. BTO 11/18 at 3.21. Also sold 12/20 190 put to pay part of trade. It should expire.
Thank you @jsd501 for this well thought out transaction. Of course if I had shown more patience I would have picked up another $1 a mere 30 minutes after I closed the spread. Ah, timing!!

$PLAN BTC 12/20 55 call and STO 1/17/2020 57.50 covered call at added .83 credit. Stock at 53.07.

Somehow I feel a little guilty for typing put kicker – don’t know why.