#SPX1dte Expired: $SPX Feb 10th 3245/3265-3360/3380 condors, sold Friday for 1.25.

More all-time highs. Who could have guessed?

Closing and re-establishing AMD

Taking profits on the short puts and establishing a new trade to continue selling premium on this (IV rank 41).
-Bought to close $AMD 3/20 42 puts @ .40 (sold for 1.20 on 1/29)
-Sold $AMD 3/20 46/60 strangle @ 1.71 with the stock now at 52.20. Delta neutral with both puts and calls at 19

TSLA closing

BTC $TSLA Feb 14th 550/1300 #ShortStrangles for 1.47. Sold for 9.82 last Wednesday. Holding one more per account until tomorrow or Wednesday, then I will look for another strangle.

When the stock peaked at 820 this morning, and the Feb 21st 1100 calls were going for 11.00. Then, when the stock bottomed near 750.00 a couple hours later, that option was under 4.50. So still, incredible swings in option volatility.

ROKU Earnings

#earnings #shortputs
$ROKU STO 2/14 120 put at 4.85


#ShortPuts – Feb double dip on this one. Out for a second time…

Bought to Close SOXL FEB 21 2020 190.0 Put @ .40 (sold for 2.50)

DRIP highest strike in June

Sold 6/19 160 call @ 11.30


#ShortPuts – Lots of interesting looking earnings this week so glad to see some of these filling…

Bought to Close LABU FEB 14 2020 45.0 Put @ .05 (sold for 2.45)

EXAS Earnings

#ShortPuts #Earnings – Jumping in early for tomorrow…

Sold EXAS FEB 14 2020 87.5 Puts @ 1.05

GILD short puts

Been looking for an opportunity to get back into this stock. Nice setup and still high IV (IVR 60). Sold 3/20 65 puts @ 1.59. The major moving averages converging above the strike price so if support doesn’t hold down there I’ll exit. Alternative trade 3/20 65/60 bull put spread for 1.30-1.35.



#ShortPuts – Taking this off early after the big bounce…

Bought to Close SPY MAR 20 2020 310.0 Put @ 1.43 (sold for 4.03)