SWKS Strangle Closed

#earnings #shortstrangles
$SWKS BTC 2/21 110/145 strangle at .15. STO 1/23 for 1.67. Thank you @jsd501

SLB Covered Calls

Sold SLB 02/14/2020 35.50 Calls @ 0.25 at the open today.

Then as an added kicker I sold
SLB Diagonal Call Spreads
Sold SLB 02/14/2020 36.00 Calls / Bought SLB 03/20/2020 42.50 Calls @ 0.12 Credit.

I will roll the shorts as necessary.

BABA Earnings

#earnings #shortputs #becs
$BABA STO 2/14 212.50 put at 1.13
$BABA STO 2/14 235/240 BECS at .92

NTAP Earnings

#ShortPuts – Not much out there to do right now. A couple accounts with no positions at all completely in cash. I’ll take a small shot here.

Sold NTAP FEB 14 2020 57.5 Puts @ .79

#doublecalendarYELP I have not modeled…


I have not modeled it yet, but at first glance, YELP has a large IV drop coming.


TAP dance

#Earnings . Bought to close $TAP Feb 14th 58 calls for .10. This will clear the way for a bigger profit if stock recovers. #DoubleCalendar bought yesterday for .17 and .20


BTC $FB 195/205 Feb-14-2020 #BuPS @ 0.18. Was STO Jan-30-2020 @1.85.
Still holding a 195/205 Feb-21-2020 #BuPS