#MarketHours #OptionsExpiration – the market…

#MarketHours #OptionsExpiration – the market closes at 1:00 on Thursday. So only 2 1/2 days until the next expiration.

Sell. Sell. Sell!!!!

NFLX earnings date announced

It will officially be Jan 19 after the close. In a move outside of recent character, $NFLX will be reporting after the monthly options expiration date, not before. While the market seems to have anticipated this for the most part (greatest IV jump in the 1/22 options), IVs were still a bit elevated in the 1/15 vs the 1/8 expirations as the company has jumped the announcement date earlier than expected the last few quarters. I’d expect to see option prices come in a little bit tomorrow for the January monthlies as ATM IVs come down from the 47 area back to 41-42 or so. Not dramatic, but with this IV contraction I’ll be watching for early opportunities to take off some far OTM short call positions for January.


Loving the snow, Jeff. Nice touch. Makes me want to burst into Christmas song. Be thankful you only have to read my words, not hear them 🙂

$SVXY #CoveredCalls #VXXGame – Sold…

$SVXY #CoveredCalls #VXXGame – Sold SVXY Jun 17 2016 80.0 Calls @ 1.60 adding to my position

CMG: Going back to the well

Premium selling that is, not one of their burritos. Sold a 2 standard deviation put in January. Delta of 07.
STO CMG Jan 15 2016 425 put @ 2.50


STO Mar $35 calls @ $1.25

$SVXY #CoveredCalls #IRA

BTC Dec 24 $56 calls @ $.02

STO Jan 8 $55 calls @ $.95

$KOLD – this is one…

$KOLD – this is one of those instances where I should have just let them exercise the short 200 calls I had. About now I’d be getting a call from the margin department telling me that there is no stock to borrow and I would have to cover the short. Sigh!!


I was happy to see the market rebound after selling off the entire morning rally and hitting the flat line.  Lately it would have just kept going south for the rest of the day.  Nice to see at least a few buyers step in.

Two big down days on Thursday and Friday yet $UVXY only got up to $34, so wasn’t really panic selling, just selling.

$UVXY #ShortPuts #ScalpTrade – Sold…

$UVXY #ShortPuts #ScalpTrade – Sold UVXY Dec 24 2015 24.5 Puts @ 0.11. These expire Thursday.

In this account, paired with short Dec 24 70 calls, which interestingly are not at zero bid.

$SVXY #CoveredCalls #VXXGame – Sold…

$SVXY #CoveredCalls #VXXGame – Sold SVXY Jun 17 2016 80.0 Calls @ 1.55. Partial fill on a bigger order.


Have only made a couple of small trades this morning.

STO $UVXY Dec 31 $24 puts @ $0.50

STO $DUST Feb $36 calls @ $0.60

STO $DUST Jun $35 call @ $2.60

UVXY puts

#ShortPuts – It’s worked the last couple weeks…margin free against short calls.

Sold UVXY DEC 31 2015 27.0 Puts @ 1.27

SPX call spread

#SPXcampaign STO $SPX Jan 22nd 2130/2155 call spreads for 1.30. Keeping up with a full campaign on the call side while remaining careful on the put side, due to multiple VIX warnings. Currently I’m holding no put spreads, and other than this new one only a few call spreads, all well into profit. I expect this week to be calmer, but fireworks could start erupting next week or week after. But it’s too tough to call; as Art Cashin said, this is the toughest market he’s seen in 50 years, which is a few more years than I’ve been at this. Also one more year than I’ve been alive.

Baby It’s KOLD Outside

As mentioned by Fuzzballl last night, nat gas futures up over 5% and KOLD down almost 20.

/ES Eminis

#ShortCalls – SOLD DEC 15 (Wk4) 2020 CALL @ 11.50

This would get me short at 2031.50 or I could roll it. Needing a little more downside protection.

SVXY calls

#ShortCalls – It’s worked the last couple weeks…margin free against short puts.

Sold SVXY DEC 24 2015 51.0 Calls @ .95

UVXY puts

#ShortPuts – It’s worked the last couple weeks…margin free against short calls.

Sold UVXY DEC 24 2015 28.0 Puts @ .90

Shekereli (Biotech boy) is arrested

Shekereli (Biotech boy) is arrested


Feb options start today, but looks like highest strike is only $60, for now.


Dollar seems to be stable to weak which should help support gold prices and hence likely provide some sort of support for the miners.  I’m going to be looking for opportunities to sell $DUST calls today.