CMG: I told you I wasn’t ready

To eat there yet. Looks like I probably shouldn’t have been ready to sell puts on it yet either.

More illness/possible E.coli, this time in Boston. Shares got shmeissed again after hours.

A few trades

Sold $NFLX 12/18/2015 118.00 P @ 1.4
Sold $AMZN 12/11/2015 625/645 BUPS
Sold $NFLX 12/11/2015 118.00/124 BUPS
Sold $ SPXW 12/11/2015 2015 /2035 BUPS

/ES #Eminis

Continuing to rally after hours…volatility tanking 🙂


Just getting back  to the desk.    While I was away today the short Dec 18th 65 and 66 calls were bought to close at 0.25.


Sold UVXY MAR 18 2016 55/75 Bear call spreads @ 1.25

DUST – just sold 1/2…

DUST – just sold 1/2 of the remaining stock put to me Friday at 16.77(Friday’s high)

Rolling XOP

With the Dec strike getting breached, I rolled my 32 puts out to Jan 32 puts for .80 credit.

Bought to close $XOP Dec 18 32 puts @ 1.36 (sold for .47 on 11/17)
Sold to open $XOP Jan 15 2016 32 puts @ 2.16


Wish I would have gotten in on Friday with you guy’s, but I’m sure glad I did pile in this morning.  Always a little trepidation when “chasing” but really believed they would do what they are doing.

NFLX – just cracked -…

NFLX – just cracked – lower

$CMG: Not ready to eat…

$CMG: Not ready to eat there yet but I’ll take a chance on the stock right here

Playing today’s bounce as a possible shorter term low in the stock.

Sold Dec 18 475 put @ 1.60. Strike price is 2 standard deviations away and right around the 2 year low in the stock from May 2014. IV rank is high at 69.

TZA calls

#ContangoETFs STO $TZA Jan 15th 50 calls for 1.40. Every time this pops I sell some 50 calls in the next month, and every time I can cover for 80% of max profit a couple weeks later.

DUST – dumped most of…

DUST – dumped most of the long stock that I was put on Friday at 15.5 & 16.0 just now at 16.30

$UVXY calls in March

A #VXXGame trade. Sold $UVYX Mar 18 2016 165 calls @ 1.05. Highest strike.

BIB #401k

#401k – Bought this Thursday and sold it Friday last week similar to the XIV trade. Starting a new position here at the 50MA. Starting small leaving room to add if the 50ma doesn’t hold…that could possibly bring the August lows back into play…

DUST calls

#ShortCalls – Bought to close DUST DEC 18 2015 22.0 Calls @ .25 (sold for 1.65)

Still short 22 puts so looking to lay the calls out there again on any follow through. This was part of a short rolled straddle worth 5.45 total.


$SPX second test of 2067…

$SPX second test of 2067 area held for now, printing a higher low on the day.

Oil plunging…

All-time low in $USO.


I was away from the market almost all day on Friday, so had to chase a bit this morning to add some positions.  You guy’s got better prices on Friday.

STO $NUGT June $70 calls @ $3.90

STO $NUGT Jan 15th $45 calls @ $1.25

STO $NUGT Jan 15th $50 calls @ $.95

STO $NUGT Mar $65 calls @ $1.75

STO $NUGT Mar $75 calls @ $1.30

STO $NUGT Jan’17 $75 call @ $6.90

First time trading $DUST so just dipping a toe

STO $DUST Jan 15th $10 puts @ $.45 (has never traded down to $10)

STO $DUST Dec 18th $13 puts @ $.45



KOLDer outside

#ContangoETFs New highs again… STO $KOLD Jan 15th 215 call for 7.10. Highest strike.

#SPXcampaign STO SPX DEC2 15…

#SPXcampaign STO SPX DEC2 15 (12/11/2015) 2010/1985 BuPS @1.10 early morning

$KOLD rolls

Rolled my ITM Dec positions out to January for credits and in the process made some tax moves, keeping the losses in 2015. Utilizing the TastyTrade strategy and rolling to the same strike, pulling in more credit than rolling up.

Rolled $KOLD Dec 18 115 call out to Jan 115 call for 2.08 credit
Rolled $KOLD Dec 18 118 call out to Jan 118 call for 2.41 credit
Rolled $KOLD Dec 18 136 call out to Jan 136 call for 5.12 credit


AZO earnings

#Earnings STO $AZO Dec 18th 700 puts for 2.95 and 800 calls for 2.30. Over last 12 earnings, (one day moves) Biggest UP move: 4.6% , Biggest DOWN move: -4.0% , Average move: 2.3% . 13-day moves: Biggest UP move: 6.5% , Biggest DOWN move: -5.4% . These strikes are 6.9% and 6.5% OTM respectively.

VLO covered put

STO $VLO Dec 31st 66 put for .85, against short stock.


/ES #Eminis

Missed the last 2 dips…Looking to cover a couple shorts once it regains the 20MA on 2 min chart. Trying to bounce a little here.

XIV #401k

Doing the same thing as last Thurs/Fri. Laddering in as it sells off…buying a few shares in #401k every 50 cent drop. Sold them on Friday so starting over here…

SPX put spread

#SPXcampaign STO $SPX Jan 8th 1910/1885 put spreads for 1.30, with SPX at 2077. This is the first of two put spreads and two call spreads I plan to sell this week for the Jan 8th expiry.


$SVXY  BTC Dec 18th 67 Calls @ 0.20 this morning.  Will reload after the FOMC meeting.  Still waiting on stink fills for 65 and 66 calls.

$DUST #CoveredCalls – Sold DUST(Weekly)…

$DUST #CoveredCalls – Sold DUST(Weekly) Dec 11 2015 19.0 Calls @ 0.15. These expire Friday.

Followed Robert SPX 2065/2055 2.65…

Followed Robert SPX 2065/2055 2.65 for this Fri Debit spread

STO SPX this week 2030/2015…

STO SPX this week 2030/2015 1.00 added back calls closed Friday back to IC

SPX same-week condor

#SPXcampaign STO $SPX Dec 11th 2035/2015 put spreads for 1.25. Will add the call side with any move higher. Idea is to get 2.25 premium or better for the condor, with a 3.00 stop on each side, meaning max loss for the week is .75.

Good morning…

Possibly a volatile week ahead of FOMC next week. Last Thursday’s sharp, high volume decline followed by stunning reversal Friday demonstrate these are volatile markets, testing the nerves of index traders. Is this the new version of consolidation, with very wide swings? Don’t get whipsawed. Pick your entires carefully or find stocks and ETF’s that are immune to major market swings.

Today is Pearl Harbor Remembrance; a salute to our Veterans and to the Americans who fought or died, 74 years ago today.

Keurig Green Mountain (NASDAQ:GMCR) announces…

Keurig Green Mountain (NASDAQ:GMCR) announces it will be acquired by privately-owned JAB Holding Company for $92 per share in a deal valued at $13.9B. JAB Holding is an experienced collector of large consumer product brands.

GMCR stakeholder Coca-Cola (NYSE:KO) says it backs the buyout and indicates it will work with JAB to stay on as a major Keurig single-serve partner.

The deal is expected to close in the first quarter of 2016.

GMCR closed at $51.70 on Friday. Shares are currently on a trading halt, but will soon skyrocket.



Hope everyone is long and no one is short! I am neither.



GM all

GM all