$UVXY #ShortPuts #VXXGame – Sold…

$UVXY #ShortPuts #VXXGame – Sold UVXY Feb 19 2016 13.0 Puts @ 0.38. Late fill at 4:15 and my first trade in Feb for this stock.

Sorry, was out a lot…

Sorry, was out a lot today but STO IBF NKE for tomorrow Earnings play 136/130/124 4.61

#earnings, #ironbutterfly

UVXY puts

#VXXGame After-hours fills:
STO $UVXY Jan 8th 22 puts for .92
STO $UVXY Jan 15th 20 puts for .80


$SVXY Popping in for a quick peak at the market. Sold $SVXY Jan 55 covered call @ 2.30. Stock assigned @ 50 back Dec 11th.

As Dan noted today $WFM…

As Dan noted today $WFM is breaking out today. I have several longer term #FallingKnife trades in this stock on the books

$NFLX – it’s not a…

$NFLX – it’s not a sign of strength when NFLX is down a fraction when the DJIA is up 180 points

$UVXY #ShortPuts – hoping that…

$UVXY #ShortPuts – hoping that the drop in UVXY translates into a rally for SVXY –
Sold 1 UVXY(Weekly) Jan 22 2016 20.0 Put @ 1.13
Sold 1 UVXY(Weekly) Jan 29 2016 20.0 Puts @ 1.55