#SPXCampaign STO Dec 19 1980/1975…

STO Dec 19 1980/1975 BuPS @ 0.40


Getting to this late, but this one almost never moves down on earnings. You have to go back to Dec 2010 for its only significant down move, -6.5% Last 12 reports, Biggest UP move: 14.7% , Biggest DOWN move: -0.2% , Average move: 6.2% . This trade is 9.4% OTM.

STO $AVGO Dec 4th 120 puts for 1.00.

SPXCampaign STO Dec 4 $SPX…

SPXCampaign STO Dec 4 $SPX 2030/2025 Bull put spread @ .35 will probably open other side for IC tomorrow

$KOLD BTC $KOLD 100 put @ .50 sold on Nov 11 for 2.92 80% close 16 DTE early. Thanks optioniceman, jeff

SVXY Jan weeklies

Starting to fill in the first Jan weekly.
Sold $SVXY Jan 8 (weekly) 45 put @ 1.26.


TZA call spread

#ContangoETFs – Adding to some winners…was almost completely out of this ticker.

Sold TZA JAN 15 2016 45/55 Bear call spreads @ .92

#SVXY #ShortPuts #ScalpTrade – Sold…

SVXY #ShortPuts #ScalpTrade – Sold SVXY DEC 4 2015 55.0 Puts @ 0.55. Expires is 2 days

SVXY and UVXY in the #IRA

Couple small trades in the IRA…

Sold UVXY JAN 15 2016 45/60 Bear call spreads @ .78 (half position for now)
Sold SVXY DEC 11 2015 55.0 Puts @ 1.35

STO Dec2 2005/1990 1.15

STO $SPX Dec2 2005/1990 1.15

$UVXY #ShortCalls #VXXGame – Sold…

$UVXY #ShortCalls #VXXGame – Sold 1 UVXY Jan 08 2016 50.0 Call @ 1.67 . Highest strike

$UVXY #ShortCalls #ScalpTrade – Sold…

$UVXY #ShortCalls #ScalpTrade – Sold UVXY Dec 11 2015 70.0 Calls @ 0.12. Paired with short puts

UVXY calls

#VXXGame STO $UVXY Dec 11th 32 calls for .75, to offset 23 puts on same expiry. May add more if premium goes up. Won’t hold these if UVXY gets up toward 30; in that case I would roll into longer dated, much higher calls.

New Years Eve #VXXGame Sold…

New Years Eve #VXXGame
Sold $UVXY Dec 31 56 calls @ .70. Highest strike.

Is this down move a…

Is this down move a reaction to Fed?

SPX roll

#SPXcampaign STO $SPX Dec 24th 1990/1965 put spreads for 2.00. This is a roll from stopped spreads on 11/6. Does not cost much in margin since I already have extra call spreads on this expiry from an earlier roll.

KOLD puts

#ContangoETFs I’m a bit stretched margin-wise to sell more calls, but puts still going for great rates, and I get margin credit for selling them.
STO $KOLD Dec 18th 128 puts for 1.90, adding to my position.

Long Term VXX longs

#VXXGame Today I STC $VXX Jan 15 2016 20 puts for 3.35. I started buying these in December 2013, and added over the last two years. My average price ended up being 2.75. The best time to have sold them was a few months ago, before the August crash, when VXX hit new lows and these options traded for over 6.00. But I held on and time decay took its toll. I haven’t had a chance to buy 2017 puts because we are overdue for a reverse split, but I will try this again when the price is right for the 20 puts on $VXX or $UVXY, either 2017 or 2018 LEAPs. I am also long the VXX March 2016 25 put, bought for 5.00, now trading for 8.60.

Will it ever get KOLD again?

Sold Dec 18 200 (highest strike) for 2.00, with $KOLD at 162.

#contangoetfs, #gasgame


Made several trades this morning.

$NUGT STO Jan’18 $38 call @ $13.40

$UVXY BTC Dec 11 $22 puts for very small loss.  Making room next week to roll my Dec 4 $24 puts out and down to next week if I need to.

$KOLD BTC Dec 18 $185 call @ $4.30, very small loss.  At the rate it is moving there is plenty of time for my call to get into trouble, so just stepping aside watching my short puts make money.  May re-enter 1 week before expiration.

$SVXY BTC Dec 18 $61 put.  Had nice profit and pretty close to ATM so just taking it off the table.  Nearly all of my remaining puts are $50 and below.

#goldgame, #vxxgame

$SVXY #CoveredCalls – Sold SVXY…

$SVXY #CoveredCalls – Sold SVXY Dec 24 2015 67.5 Calls @ 1.15. Short trading week for this cycle

$NUGT $DUST – sharp reversal…

$NUGT $DUST – sharp reversal from yesterday’s move. Short NUGT calls and DUST Puts looking good

STO Dec 12 SPX 2020/1995…

STO Dec 12 SPX 2020/1995 BuPS at $1.30; this completes the IC with the position I placed yesterday.

UVXY puts

#VXXGame Added a couple more at lows today. These are getting a bit frothy; may end up in a roll situation, but it may start getting tougher for it to go lower quickly.
Adding to positions:
STO $UVXY Dec 11th 23 put for 1.20
STO $UVXY Dec 18th 20 put for .75
Also short this week’s 23 puts.

#VXXGame #CoveredCalls – sold both…

#VXXGame #CoveredCalls – sold both of these as I keep adding during the stock’s recovery
Sold SVXY Dec 18 2015 70.0 Calls @ 0.30
Sold SVXY Jan 08 2016 70.0 Calls @ 1.40

#VXXGame #CoveredCalls – Sold SVXY…

#VXXGame #CoveredCalls – Sold SVXY Dec 31 2015 71.0 Calls @ 0.65. Jumped up to a slightly higher strike price

#VXXGame #CoveredCalls- Sold SVXY Dec…

#VXXGame #CoveredCalls- Sold SVXY Dec 31 2015 70.0 Calls @ 0.75. I will continue to add as long as the premium rises.

Edit: Added on at 0.85.

UVXY, new low

For the first time since August 4th, $UVXY just notched a new all-time low by breaking below 24.34. Four months is quite a stretch for this dog to have another day.

$VXX is still over 15% above its August 5th all-time low of 15.48.

$SVXY has once again been the laggard, as recently discussed by @vxxkelly; at 61.00 it is 37% below its June 24th all-time high of 98.13.

SPX puts closed

#SPXcampaign BTC $SPX Dec 17th 1890/1865 put spreads for .20. Sold as a roll on Nov 13th for 2.00.

SPX put spread

#SPXcampaign STO $SPX Dec 31st 1960/1935 put spreads for 1.30, with SPX at 2101. This is my first put spread of the week, having missed a fill on Monday’s weakness. Action looks bullish; I believe we will grind sideways to higher into year end. I doubt we’ll get a strong push higher, but I have kept all call spreads above 2130 to be safe.