$SVXY #CoveredCalls #IRA – so…

$SVXY #CoveredCalls #IRA – so between 3 and 3:30 Friday I bought SVXY in my “SVXY-Only” IRA at 44.30 and sold the Dec 11 45.0 Calls at 0.20. Since the stock closed above 45, I expected to be assigned, but I was not.

S0… on the opening this morning I sold the Dec 18 53.0 Calls at 0.55 against my long stock.

Sometimes you catch a break 🙂

$UVXY #VXXGame – Liquidated even…

$UVXY #VXXGame – Liquidated even more long stock at 42 and 43(more than half my remaining long) and then sold many more Puts for this week
Sold UVXY Dec 18 2015 25.5 Puts @ 0.35
Sold UVXY Dec 18 2015 26.0 Puts @ 0.40

KOLD comfort

#ContangoETFs STO $KOLD Dec 18th 185 puts for 3.05

KOLD inverted strangle update

Rolled Dec 175 puts up to Dec 200 for a credit. Also short the 120 calls in Jan for an inverted strangle. Assuming the 200 puts expire I’ll be left with short DITM Jan 120 calls with the whole position bringing in a total credit of 52 dollars giving me a breakeven on the Jan 120 calls of 172.

At that point I’ll have to decide where to sell the new puts…basically the more bullish I am on KOLD (bearish on nat gas) the higher the strike I’ll sell the puts at with hopefully being no further inverted than the toal premium received. Ideally early next week nat gas rallies and KOLD tanks and I never even have to sell them…LOL

FDS earnings

#Earnings STO $FDS Dec 18th 155 puts for 1.00. Biggest UP move: 9.7% Biggest DOWN move: -6.4%. Average move: 3.6%. This trade is 7.5% OTM.

STC Jan 15 2016 HON…

STC Jan 15 2016 HON 105 Puts at $6.55, bought them last week for $4.10.
I’ll buy some Puts again if HON reaches 100.

$TWTR #Trade Repair I mentioned…

$TWTR #Trade Repair I mentioned this recently, today I sold my Dec. 18 38 puts that were part of 43/38 BuPS entered into in early June. I’ll be the proud recipient of 200 shares of $TWTR with a cost basis of $25.86. This just might work. Somebody but this company.


$SVXY Sold Dec 31st 52 Call @ 1.50 against stock assigned Friday at 50.  Iceman you ar4 so right about these blasted abbreviations.  I keep screwing them up.


Made 3 small trades this morning.  Really don’t want to do much until after the Fed on Wed.

STO Dec 18 $25 puts @ $0.20

STO Jun’16 $70 call @$15.00

STO Mar’16 $165 calls @ $4.50


These guy’s are really moving today.  Go baby go.