VIX Indicator… bullish reversal?

The $VIX closed below 15.80 today, which is the 78.6 retracement level for the 12/14 peak. Three consecutive closes below 15.80 will nullify the recent Downside Warnings and fire an Upside Warning. It’s entirely possible this will happen in the coming days since we are in low volume vacation mode. Although the upside signal does not always mean a huge rally, it almost always has indicated the cessation of volatility since the year 2000.

#MedicalTechnology If you’re tired of…

#MedicalTechnology If you’re tired of watching the Fibs, spreading on the SPF, defrosting the toilet tank take a moment to look at CRISPR-Cas9, genome editing technology. Absolutely, amazing! Makes one wonder what spinoffs could come in the form of trading opportunities?

Five-hour spread

#SPXcampaign BTC $SPX Dec 24th 2030/2010 put spreads for .10. Sold this morning for 1.10. Could let it expire, but when the market gives you a gift, TAKE IT. (credit to Dan Sheridan for that line)

Another call spread

#SPXcampaign STO $SPX Jan 14th 2135/2160 call spreads for 1.55. Avoided last week’s whipsaw and didn’t sell any spreads in this expiration. Starting with this one…

$FB $XOP $XLE – yesterday…

$FB $XOP $XLE – yesterday it was NFLX underperforming on a strong day. Today it’s FB. Meanwhile XOP and XLE are coming off their recent lows in a big way


Looks like the snow is picking up here at “The Bistro”. Should I call for de-icing?

$VRX #ShortPuts – another stock…

$VRX #ShortPuts – another stock #CNBC said could go to zero
10/21/15 – Sold 1 VRX Jan 15 2016 55.0 Put @ 5.30. Two hours later Sold another @ 9.20.
Today – Bought 2 VRX Jan 15 2016 55.0 Puts @ 0.05. Still almost a month until expiration.

VXX long put

#VXXGame Sold to close $VXX March 25 put for 7.50. Bought for 5.00 on Sept 2nd. This was a GTC order to collect 50% on the trade, filled today.

$UVXY #ShortPuts #VXXGame – these…

$UVXY #ShortPuts #VXXGame – these are paired with short calls and a lot of long SVXY stock (if UVXY falls, SVXY rises)
Sold UVXY(Weekly) Dec 24 2015 24.5 Puts @ 0.13 – these expire at 1:00pm tomorrow
Sold UVXY(Weekly) Jan 8 2016 20.0 Puts @ 0.41
Sold UVXY Jan 15 2016 20.0 Puts @ 0.85
Sold 1 UVXY(Weekly) Jan 22 2016 20.0 Put @ 1.22
Sold 1 UVXY(Weekly) Jan 29 2016 20.0 Put @ 1.63

$SVXY #CoveredCalls #VXXGame – SVXY…

$SVXY #CoveredCalls #VXXGame – SVXY is climbing toward resistance at 54, so I’m trying to top tick some covered calls
Sold SVXY Feb 19 2016 65.0 Calls @ 1.45
Sold SVXY Feb 19 2016 70.0 Calls @ 0.60

Sold SVXY Mar 18 2016 70.0 Calls @ 1.40

Sold SVXY Jun 17 2016 80.0 Calls @ 1.95
Sold SVXY Jun 17 2016 85.0 Calls @ 1.30

SPX rolled calls

#SPXcampaign #Rolling STO $SPX Dec 31st 2085/2110 call spreads for 3.90. This is the second half of the roll from this morning’s stopped spread, totaling a .80 credit for the roll. I will roll again should SPX get much above 2075. Mainly, I want to avoid going ITM, since that makes rolling much more difficult.

NKE Earnings

#Earnings BTC $NKE Dec 24th 123 puts for .04. Sold for 1.00 yesterday.

KOLD snap?

#ContangoETFs STO $KOLD Jan 140 put for 3.10. Have several puts, but will #ReverseRoll them into calls if any of them become ATM.

/ES #Eminis

Sold a 2020 call earlier this week for 11.50. Could’ve rolled it but instead I’m going to take the short position (if /ES stays above 2020 tomorrow). Now, turned around and sold a Jan 8 2020 put against the short position. Received 13.50 for the put sale added to the 11.50 call sale earlier, total premium is now 25.00. Short position is only slightly underwater but giving me a nice hedge for my long SVXY. A pullback below 2020 will cover the short position and bank 25 points of gains…

If we continue up I’ll continue selling weekly puts to raise my cost basis in the short position.

NUGT calls

Sold $NUGT Feb 19 36 call @ 2.20. Highest strike and my first position in Feb.

UVXY spreads

#VXXGame Sold to Open $UVXY Jan 8th 22/20 put spreads for .55, in my 401K and smaller accounts.

SPX call spread closed

#SPXcampaign BTC $SPX Dec 24th 2060/2085 call spreads for 4.20. Will roll into various put and call spreads.

I’m closing and rolling this…

I’m closing and rolling this week’s $SPX 2060/2085 call spread