#Option Expiration

$SVXY  #OptionsExpiration
$SVXY  Dec 31st 52 Call
$SVXY  Dec 31st 56 Call
$SVXY  Dec 31st 45 Put



Have a wonderful, safe New…

Have a wonderful, safe New Year’s everyone!

Options Expiration 12/31

I was away from my desk for the last couple of hours of trading. While I was out, I had to close a position I thought was probably safe earlier in the day; it proved not to be the case so I wanted to avoid assignment.  Bought to close $NFLX Dec 31 115 puts @ .49.  Was able to still take out over 70% of max profit.



$NUGT 12/31/2015 34.00 calls

$UVXY 12/31/2015 56.00 calls


No assignments this week.


Have a fantastic (and safe) New Years everyone. To a happy, healthy and prosperous 2016!

#OptionsExpiration #Weeklys #Dec31 #EndOfYear -…

#OptionsExpiration #Weeklys #Dec31 #EndOfYear – One last week with 100% of the short Options sold expiring with 100% of the max Profit.

I love selling premium, and I love weekly expirations.

CMG (Weekly) Dec 31 2015 400 Puts
KSU (Weekly) Dec 31 2015 75 Calls (Covered)
NUGT (Weekly) Dec 31 2015 35 Calls (Covered)

SVXY (Weekly) Dec 31 2015 53 Calls (Covered)
SVXY (Weekly) Dec 31 2015 54 Calls (Covered)
SVXY (Weekly) Dec 31 2015 65 Calls (Covered)
SVXY (Weekly) Dec 31 2015 70 Calls (Covered)
SVXY (Weekly) Dec 31 2015 71 Calls (Covered)

UVXY (Weekly) Dec 31 2015 20 Puts
UVXY (Weekly) Dec 31 2015 56 Calls (Covered)

WYNN (Weekly) Dec 31 2015 64.5 Puts (Covered)

XOP (Weekly) Dec 31 2015 31.5 Calls (Covered)

Happy New Year everyone

Options Expiration 12/31/15

Expiring with 100% of max profit:
$DUST 20 calls
$NUGT 34 call
$SPX 2005/1980 put spreads
$SPX 2100/2125 call spreads
$VLO 66 puts (covered)

Have a great New Year’s weekend every one! See you on the other side.


I was just popping in for a moment.  Will be away for the rest of the day.  Since I knew I was traveling and visiting family over the holiday’s, I purposely had very few options contracts this week.

A bit of an early ball spike but here is my lone remaining option expiring today:

$UVXY $24 puts

Have a great new years everyone.  See you next week.



Adding SPX one-week condor

#SPXcampaign Selling $SPX Jan 8th 2100/2125 call spreads, and 1970/1945 put spreads. Looking for 1.25-1.35 each side. Small in size. This will complete my #Rolling for the week. Adding more to the call spread I started this morning, and opening new lower striked put spreads. My 2000/1975 puts survived the day, just barely. Since it’s the only put spread I have I’m okay holding it over a weekend, even though market it precarious.