$QQQ Bought a January 15…

$QQQ Bought a January 15 Put Butterfly sold 2 110 puts, bought a 114 put and bought a 106 put for a debit of .61, profitable between 106 and 113, not an original idea of mine.

SPX call spread roll for profit

#SPXcampaign BTC $SPX Dec 17th 2165/2190 call spreads for .10. Sold for 1.25 on Nov 17th.
STO $SPX Dec 17th 2125/2150 call spreads for 1.20.

This is basically taking profit on one spread then selling another spread as a bonus, but it can also be looked at as rolling for profit. I know the FOMC minutes next week could send markets soaring, but I will be okay with having to deal with the call side, since the put side has been the troubled side lately.

BTO FXE Puts Dec 108…

BTO FXE Puts Dec 108 @1.38 when price was 107.19


3rd time this week…mostly out of boredom but starting to add up. Trading the bounce off the 50 and rejection off the 21ema as it consolidates.

Bought double size positions yesterday at 66.60 and 65.60. Sold it all at 67.60 today. Adds up nicely in the #401k.

Main position in regular account is short Dec 75 puts that I’ve been rolling out but not down for a couple months. Doubling down bullish by rolling short Feb 50 puts up to Feb 70 for 6.40 credit. (yesterday). Breakeven on Dec position is 69.15 and 61.50 on the Feb position. Leaving Jan open for probable roll of the 75’s again. Gradually adding nice premium each month while the politicians bad mouth those evil drug companies…LOL

BTO Dec 24 EA 67…

BTO Dec 24 EA 67 Put at $2.30 Another Squeeze play.

Scott Redler @RedDogT3 Art Cashin…

Scott Redler @RedDogT3
Art Cashin says this is the toughest market he’s seen in 50 years. And he’s one of the best in the business

$WYNN $NFLX #ShortPuts #ScalpTrade -…

$WYNN $NFLX #ShortPuts #ScalpTrade – sold a couple of options that expire tomorrow
WYNN Dec 11 2015 61.5 Puts @ 0.11
NFLX Dec 11 2015 115.0 Puts @ 0.15

KOLD sore

#ContangoETFs Adding more puts to offset the pain-in-my-side short calls:
STO $KOLD Dec 18th 149 puts for 1.90
STO $KOLD Feb 19th 110 puts for 3.15

$YUM yesterday sold a January…

$YUM yesterday sold a January 15 iron condor Tasty Trade 70/65(puts) 85/80 for 2.04

BTO Jan 8/16 EXPE 128…

BTO Jan 8/16 EXPE 128 Call at $2.80
BTO Jan 10/16 HON 105 Put at $4.25
Both on a daily squeeze and also on a monthly squeeze.