Expiring Full Profit

$SVXY 55 Put
$SVXY 45 Put
$NFLX 122 Put
$UVXY 23 Put
$SVXY 24 Put
$UVXY 55 Call
$UVXY 65 Call

Spreads Expiring Full Profit

$SPXW 2030/2035 BUPS
$AMBA 48/52 BUPS

Covered Calls

$AAPL 118 call Stock called away Still have a position in AAPL
$WMT 60.5 call expired. Will sell premium Monday
$FIT 29.5 call. Stock called away. $2 share loss

Straight Calls

$XOM 1/15/2016
80 call. Stopped out 41% loss

Thank you to everyone here


#Option Expiration

$SVXY  #OptionsExpiration
Only one expiry for me
$SVXY 45 Put.
Have a great weekend all.


For 12/4


$SVXY 12/04/2015 50.00 puts

$UVXY 12/04/2015 50.00 calls

$UVXY 12/04/2015 22.50 puts


No assignments. Have a great weekend everyone.


#OptionsExpiration 12/4/15

$NXPI 75 puts
$SPX 2125/2145 call spreads
$SPX 2130/2155 call spreads
$UVXY 23 puts
$VLO 65 & 68.5 puts
$VLO 73 calls

$NXPI 85 calls, stock called away, leaving me flat in the name

Have a great weekend everyone! Thanks for everything.


#OptionsExpiration #Weeklys #Dec04 – Pretty…

#OptionsExpiration #Weeklys #Dec04 – Pretty good week for selling premium. The pain in DUST is more than offset by my gain in NUGT. I don’t expect DUST will stay down too long.
I have a full plate of positions for next Friday already, thanks to the volatility yesterday.

— Expirations —
GMCR (Weekly) Dec 4 2015 58 Calls
NUGT (Weekly) Dec 4 2015 35 Calls (Covered)

SVXY (Weekly) Dec 4 2015 55 Puts
SVXY (Weekly) Dec 4 2015 65 Calls (Covered)
SVXY (Weekly) Dec 4 2015 70 Calls (Covered)

UVXY (Weekly) Dec 4 2015 22.5 Puts
UVXY (Weekly) Dec 4 2015 23 Puts
UVXY (Weekly) Dec 4 2015 38 Calls (Covered)
UVXY (Weekly) Dec 4 2015 41 Calls (Covered)
UVXY (Weekly) Dec 4 2015 60 Calls

WYNN (Weekly) Dec 4 2015 55 Puts (Covered)

— Assignments —
DUST (Weekly) Dec 4 2015 15.5 Puts
DUST (Weekly) Dec 4 2015 16 Puts

Silver and Gold

STO $NUGT June 72 call for 4.10 (adding to my position, thanks @Ramie)
STO $ZSL May 40 puts for 1.30.
STO $ZSL Feb 45.5 puts for .90
Silver spiking today as well as gold, dropping ZSL to its lowest level since early November. These are now my only puts against a sizable short call position.

SPX Expire today 2140/2155 2005/1990…

SPX Expire today 2140/2155 2005/1990 total credit 220.00 net


$UVXY #ShortPuts – I sold…

$UVXY #ShortPuts – I sold so many calls for next week yesterday that I’m putting some puts in place as a balance.
Sold UVXY Dec 11 2015 21.5 Puts @ 0.22
Sold UVXY Dec 11 2015 21.0 Puts @ 0.15

NUGT: Adding to June position

Adding at the highest strike in June. Premium 1.00 higher than on Tuesday.
Sold $NUGT Jun 17 2016 72 call at 4.00.

BTC SPX Dec2 2005/1990 .35…

BTC SPX Dec2 2005/1990 .35 sold 12/2 1.15 will add it back early next week

VIX warnings

Today’s strength seems to indicate that the immediate downside danger is over. However, since these $VIX warnings fired twice within a month, it is likely there is some pain coming. These signals often can come weeks or months before a correction. With December often being a lighter, bullish month, be careful with your January positions as I would imagine more volatility is waiting until then.


STO SPX Dec2 2125/2135 .85…

STO SPX Dec2 2125/2135 .85 part of roll from this week

SVXY, I rolled my December 4, 60 calls out to December 11, 60 calls for 1.05 pickup in premium.

More rolling…

#SPXcampaign STO $SPX Dec 24th 2155/2180 call spreads for 1.35. This is partial roll out of Dec 24th put spread stopped yesterday. Will add more next week.

BIB #401k

Same strateegery as XIV. Bought it all the way down yesterday to the 50MA. Sold it today at breakeven price of my first purchase. Another overnight scalp for the #401k. Gotta love the volatility!

What a difference a day makes

#SPXcampaign STO $SPX Dec 31st 2165/2190 call spreads for 1.25. Second call spread for this expiry; first one was sold at Monday’s open (2175/2200).

STO SPX Dec2 2120/2135 1.10…

STO SPX Dec2 2120/2135 1.10 to make IC have 2005/1990 total Credit 2.20 net

UVXY Call spreads

Closing a sizable position in my #IRA just in case a better opportunity comes along in next couple weeks. I held this thing all through the August turmoil even when it went completely ITM. After watching this and seeing how stress free it was I think all my UVXY call trades from now on will be spreads. I think I can put them on a little less often for shorter duration and get out of them quicker and with less risk than being exposed to naked positions for months at a time. I’ll still go naked once in awhile but pick my positions carefully (like a 200 strike a year out for 50 bucks…LOL)

This has been a great strategy in my IRA with no losers and no stress. I think I’ll carry this over to my regular account also…

Bought to Close UVXY DEC 18 2015 70/90 Bear call spreads @ .06 (sold for 1.10)

$AMBA STO Dec 18 68…

$AMBA STO Dec 18 68 calls @.45. I have some common from some BuPS that went bad fast back in June. My cost basis is 70.


#ShortCalls – Added one today so far…

Sold NUGT MAR 18 2016 65.0 Call @ 2.10

XIV #401K

Bought it all the way down yesterday as low as 27.10 and sold it all today at the breakeven point of my first purchase yesterday (29.50). Nice little quick overnight scalp for the #401k. Still holding a core position to hopefully sell up around 32.

With this jump today in…

With this jump today in SPX we are still in a down trend
so far just an inside day

$NUGT #ShortCalls – Sold NUGT…

$NUGT #ShortCalls – Sold NUGT Dec 11 2015 36.5 Calls @ 0.50. Just one of many new position I took in NUGT today.
These expire next Friday

$UVXY #ShortStrangle – didn’t notice…

$UVXY #ShortStrangle – didn’t notice this fill from yesterday
Sold 2 UVXY Dec 18 2015 20.0 Put @ 0.27 \Sold 2 UVXY Dec 18 2015 60.0 Call @ 0.83
Total Credit = 1.10

$SVXY #Coveredcall

BTC Dec 11 $65 calls @ $0.05


AMBA earnings

#Earnings BTC $AMBA Dec 4th 54 puts for .15. Sold as part of iron condor yesterday for .85. Took this off near the open; now can be left to expire or taken off more cheaply.

SPX, second part of that roll

#SPXcampaign STO $SPX Jan 8th 2175/2200 call spreads for 1.00. 1.5x position size, paired with 1890/1865 put spread below. Completes rollout of stopped Dec 31st spread.


Interesting that the dollar is rebounding some, Euro is pulling back a bit but Gold is making a much bigger move today than it did yesterday.  Has $NUGT making a move.


SPX partial roll

#SPXcampaign STO $SPX Jan 8th 1890/1865 put spreads for 1.40. This is part of an iron condor roll from the stopped 12/31 put spread from yesterday. I will look to sell a call spread as well on further strength. This is 1.5x position size, seeking at least 2.15 in premium to make up for 3.30 cost of the the stop.

GM all

GM all

Crude oil…no cut in production…oil…

Crude oil…no cut in production…oil pricing under $40 could be downer for market


211,000 added in November, unemployment 5.0%. Probably gives Fed go-ahead to raise in December.

Good morning…

#VIXIndicator Yesterday The $VIX indicator developed for the #SPXcampaign fired a Downside Warning. This was due to a 25% rise over Tuesday’s close, and also a 50% rise from the latest VIX low on 10/28. This happened on Nov 13th as well, but then retraced back down as $SPX rallied. These are the first times since the indicator was developed that we have traded through it in real time. In backtesting, the Warning usually was followed by a correction, but sometimes it would be several weeks later. Today, we have the jobs report which could rally the market and nullify the signal, or it could lead to further downside. Watch your stops, protect your capital, take opportunities when they appear.