SPX calls closed

#SPXcampaign, in the last hour of the session, BTC $SPX Dec 24th 2155/2180 call spreads for .20. Sold for 1.30 last Friday as a roll.

#OptionsExpiration – volatile week. GMCR…

#OptionsExpiration – volatile week. GMCR ruined what would have been a good month to date.

DUST (Weekly) Dec 11 2015 15 Puts
DUST (Weekly) Dec 11 2015 19 Calls
KMI (Weekly) Dec 11 2015 15.5 Puts
NFLX (Weekly) Dec 11 2015 115 Puts
NUGT (Weekly) Dec 11 2015 36.5 Calls

SVXY (Weekly) Dec 11 2015 65 Calls
SVXY (Weekly) Dec 11 2015 70 Calls

UVXY (Weekly) Dec 11 2015 20 Puts
UVXY (Weekly) Dec 11 2015 21 Puts
UVXY (Weekly) Dec 11 2015 21.5 Puts

UVXY (Weekly) Dec 11 2015 41 Calls
UVXY (Weekly) Dec 11 2015 42 Calls
UVXY (Weekly) Dec 11 2015 43 Calls
UVXY (Weekly) Dec 11 2015 44 Calls
UVXY (Weekly) Dec 11 2015 55 Calls
UVXY (Weekly) Dec 11 2015 60 Calls
UVXY (Weekly) Dec 11 2015 65 Calls
UVXY (Weekly) Dec 11 2015 70 Calls

WYNN (Weekly) Dec 11 2015 61.5 Puts
WYNN (Weekly) Dec 11 2015 57 Puts

— Assignments —
GMCR (Weekly) Dec 11 2015 60 Calls – had to buy in the stock to cover the calls
GMCR (Weekly) Dec 11 2015 61 Calls – ”

SVXY (Weekly) Dec 11 2015 47 Puts
SVXY (Weekly) Dec 11 2015 48 Puts
SVXY (Weekly) Dec 11 2015 49 Puts

UVXY (Weekly) Dec 11 2015 38 Calls (Covered)

Options Expiration for Dec 11

$NUGT 12/11/2015 36.50 calls
$UVXY 12/11/2015 41.00 calls
$UVXY 12/11/2015 55.00 calls

No assignments today.



Expired worthless, full credit:
$SPX 2005/1995 BuPS. Sold for .50 on 12/7,

Next week should be interesting, to say the least!


Closing SVXY to avoid assignment

Bought to close $SVXY Dec 11 45 put @ .35 as it dipped below the strike price minutes before the close. Sold for 1.50 on 11/12 so I’ll take my 75% of max profit off to avoid the risk. Already plenty long SVXY…

Options Expiration 12/11/15

These expired worthless, full credit:
$DUST 30 call
$UVXY 23 puts
$VLO 74 call
$SPX 2085/2110 call spreads
$SPX 2130/2155 call spreads

$VLO 69 put, partial short stock position covered

Have a great weekend everyone! I’ll be checking in on the blog all weekend.


SPXW call spreads

BTC Dec 19 2150/2160 for .05 Sold for 1.00 on 11/17.

Consider some low cost hedges…

Consider some low cost hedges in case the market pulls another August 24th on Monday. Buy OTM options that will do well with a 2 SD move. They will be low cost enough that you won’t care about losing if market rebounds, or they will profit nicely at Monday’s open. If you’re certain Monday will be ugly, go bigger

SPX same week puts

Waiting till the end rarely works… had to pay up, 14.00, to exit my Dec 11th 2025/2000 spread. Will make it up some day when the market finishes its correction and heads to new highs. Could be awhile.

SPX stop

#SPXcampaign Had to take another one ahead of the weekend… can’t get stuck with these monthly spreads that could easily be in the money should next week crash.

BTC $SPX Dec 17th 1925/1900 put spreads for 2.60. Sold for 1.30 on Nov 19th.

SPX, fresh LOD

SPX, fresh LOD

STO Jan2 SPX 2120/2135 1.70…

STO Jan2 SPX 2120/2135 1.70 to make IC again
closed 2160/2175 for .50 this AM, will close again for 50%

$UVXY #ShortCalls #VXXGame #TopOfTheChain Sold…

$UVXY #ShortCalls #VXXGame #TopOfTheChain
Sold 1 UVXY Mar 18 2016 165.0 Call @ 3.30
Sold 1 UVXY Jan 20 2017 170.0 Call @ 12.10

SPX stop

#SPXcampaign BTC $SPX Dec 17th 1945/1920 put spreads for 2.90. Sold for 1.35 on Nov 23rd. Hopefully the last spread I will have to stop, although I will look at what is left and consider closing early before a possible Monday crash.

Another #VXXGame trade Proceeding cautiously…

Another #VXXGame trade
Proceeding cautiously here, being really picky about which opportunities to jump on.

Sold $UVXY Dec 24 70 call (highest strike) @ 1.85. Adding to position at a higher premium.

SPX call spread roll

#SPXcampaign STO $SPX Dec 24th 2110/2135 call spreads for 2.00. This is a #ReverseRoll from the Dec 24th put spread stopped out today. This is the only call-roll I will use today, as I do not want to throw all my risk up there only to have a huge bear-market rally next week. Waiting for Monday to look at further rolls.


$SVXY  BTC Today’s 45 Put @ .30 to avoid potential assignment risk this afternoon as I will be away the last part of the day.  STO @ 2.00 on 11/13.

More call spreads closed

#SPXcampaign Clearing decks so I can roll some of these spreads down so I can #ReverseRoll from the put spreads

BTC $SPX Dec 24th 2180/2205 call spreads for .15. Sold for 1.30 on Nov 18th (part of a roll)
BTC $SPX Dec 24th 2165/2190 call spreads for .20. Sold for 1.30 on Nov 27th

$SPY Iron Condor STO January…

$SPY Iron Condor STO January 22 for 2.02 215/210(calls)/195/190

VIX signal fired

#VIXIndicator We are already under a triple $VIX Warning, but another signal just fired, as 24.18 is 25% above yesterday’s close. The Downside risk is increasing (duh).

KOLD cocked

#Contango ETFs Bought 100 shares of $KOLD for 187.90. Need to cover my short calls for next week, so buying a bit now in case price continues higher next week.

$VIX crossed 23; IV30 of…

$VIX crossed 23; IV30 of VIX (vol of VIX) up to 117.5%

Feeling very panicky. So.. ya know, let’s not.

$SPX low of day

$SPX low of day

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KOLD turkey

#ContangoETFs Added another margin-free put, STO $KOLD Dec 18th 170 put for 2.50

$UVXY Roll rolled $UVXY dec….

$UVXY Roll rolled $UVXY dec. 11 32 covered calls to Dec 18 35 calls for a credit


#Eminis – Bought to close DEC 15 (Wk2) 2050 CALL @1.40 (sold for 10.00 yesterday)

and on a little bounce this morning:

SOLD JAN 16 2050 CALL @ 30.75

This would get me short at 2080.75 Still short a couple contracts as a hedge and rolled those from Dec to Mar this morning. Today is the big quarterly roll day for the Eminis…Was short 3 contracts but covered one at 2058 breakeven earlier this week…grrr!

SVXY call scalp

Bought to Close SVXY DEC 11 2015 54.0 Calls @ .05

Sold these for a dollar yesterday with house money after closing short 57’s and 60’s.

$UVXY #ShortCalls #VXXGame #topofthechain Sold…

$UVXY #ShortCalls #VXXGame #topofthechain
Sold 2 UVXY Jan 15 2016 170.0 Calls @ 0.72
Sold 1 UVXY Mar 18 2016 165.0 Call @ 2.57

SPX calls closed

#SPXcampaign BTC $SPX Dec 24th 2170/2195 call spreads for .15. Sold for 1.30 on Nov 24th. Want to clear the call side so I can sell more… it is the safer play in this environment.

SPX stop

#SPXcampaign BTC $SPX Dec 24th 1935/1910 put spread for 2.90. Sold of 1.35 for Nov 23rd

UVXY January

I tried to take this trade last week when Iceman posted it but I missed it. Caught it today though, and now the premium is even better than my sale. I may sell more if it continues to rise.

Sold $UVXY Jan 15 2016 170 calls @ .70.

Thanks Iceman.

A squeeze trade gone sour….got…

A squeeze trade gone sour….got stopped out of FB at $3.04; I didn’t pay attention to my indicators, they were pointing bearish, but since it was FB, I went bullish and bought Calls….Ain’t that stupid of my part?


BTC Dec 25 Puts @ 0.95.  I decided to not hang around until next week hoping for a bounce with the lowered forward guidance.  Originally sold @ 0.60 so a small loss.

#Fibonacciqueen #SPXcampaign Interesting fib graph…

#Fibonacciqueen #SPXcampaign Interesting fib graph on where the SPX has been and where it could go.

RH earnings closed

#Earnings BTC $RH Dec 18th 75 puts for .10, sold for .95 yesterday.
BTC RH Dec 18th 100 call for .10, sold for .66 yesterday.

SPX put spread

I was pretty light on the put side so I decided to put this one on at close to 2 standard deviations away, and below the August low.

Sold $SPX Dec 31 1865/1840 BuPS @ 1.25


SPX Stop

#SPXcampaign BTC $SPX Jan 8th 1910/1885 put spreads for 2.95. Sold for 1.30 on Monday.

@GreenGhost is back again on…

@GreenGhost is back again on SMM/OMM. Jeesh!

RH earnings

#Earnings Looks like the $RH earnings report resulted in some after hours volatility but only a slight move down so far. Will be closing my 75 short puts today, and also will close a 100 short call that filled near the close for .66.



Good morning…

Futures dumped overnight, but a pretty decent retail sales report was just released. Wage growth and consumer spending on the rise. It all may not matter, however, as we have multiple VIX warnings piling up, and everyone is hanging on the Fed decision next week.

I have been studying the VIX indicator, and since 1999 there have never been three Warnings before a full correction occurs. I believe the only reason we are not much lower in the indices is because of the impending Fed decision. I am on the lookout for declines… when they start is harder to call.

$UVXY $SVXY – things may…

$UVXY $SVXY – things may settle down by the open, but I just saw UVXY above 34 (up 11%) and SVXY below 50.
Should be a fun day

stock index futures indicated a…

stock index futures indicated a broadly lower open on Friday as traders looked towards the release of a set of data that will provide one last look at the mood of consumers before Federal Reserve officials meet next week to consider the first rate hike in nine years.

Dow futures briefly fell about 150 points — and held about 130 points lower — ahead of the release of some key data points.

Retail sales and PPI are due at 8:30 a.m. ET, with business inventories and consumer sentiment scheduled for release at 10:00 a.m.