Options Expiration for 9/21

I didn’t have many left to expire. Took a bunch off early this month.

Expirations for full profit:
$QQQ Sep 21 182/172 BuPS
$WDC Sep 21 57.50 puts
$WHR Sep 21 115 puts
$NFLX Sep 21 330/320 BuPS
$SQ Sep 21 75/70 BuPS (see below)

Expirations for full loss:

$SQ Sep 21 75/80 BeCS–stock went through the money quickly. I sold a put spread against it and then rolled that up (the one that expired today) but the position will still be a loss. 5.00 spread offset by 3.60 in total premium = 1.40 loss on this position). I didn’t have time to post earlier but I reinitiated a bearish position on this in October with a 90/95 bear call spread for 1.08 credit.

$SODA Sep 21 130/135 BeCS–not much I could do here. On 8/20 the takeover was announced and the stock immediately started trading between 142 and 143 and has been that way since. There was no premium in any put options to sell to offset. Just one of those things that’s an occupational hazard of this business. I’m glad I was hedged with a spread. Took in 1.50 against the 5.00 spread so a 3.50 loss. Sayonara SodaStream. Good luck at Pepsi.

Took off before the close today:
$EWZ bought to close Sep 21 34/37 inverted strangle @ 3.27. Position was originally a 37/39 strangle and I rolled the 39 calls down to go inverted with 34 calls and 37 puts. Total premium taken in was 3.54 (2.57 for the original strangle plus .97 for the roll down) so I’m out of this for a .27 profit.

Need to decompress. Have a great weekend everyone.