Market tide

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Thanks for recommending this indicator and for going to bat to get us a discount. The indie has paid for itself a few times over already.


Dodeka-Stupid on NVDA

Here’s a note that Trade Alert put out tonight:

Market Color NVDA – Interesting 12-leg Nvidia put spread minutes before the close totals nearly quarter-billion dollars premium. Over 31K deep puts traded in NVDA at 3:53PM ET today in an odd spread that involved 12 deep-in-the-money puts expiring Jan 18th. Stock was $136.22 at the time, and the package consisted of offer-side blocks in the 200 to 260 strike puts, priced from $64 to $124. Weirdly, size of each block is very near the open-interest of each contract and the price on each block was a whole dollar figure, 22c over parity, with total premium just under $244M. If the package was a buyer of all legs, the delta is nearly 2.4M shares, or 9% the adv of the stock. With negative AAPL headlines out after the close, NVDA shares are down nearly $4 to $132 which could be a gain near $9M if the spread was a dodeka-stupid.


That turned ugly quickly….

Guess the meeting didn’t go so well….buckle your seat belts.


ROKU STO 1/4/19 32.5 CALLS @.80 Covered Expires in 2 days.

Alpha Shark Indicator

@MamaCash – Have you used it much? Finally got a chance to watch it for a day and liking the possibilities. Haven’t done anything live yet but the last long signal on the NQ futures finally went short this afternoon after a 240 point run…

#longputs Buy another Jan 02…

Buy another Jan 02 2510/2500 BePS for $7.50 while SPX below 2500, 15 minutes to go and looks promising.

#ironcondor SPX sell BeCS Jan…

SPX sell BeCS Jan 02 2530/2540 for 1.25cr this morning, expiring worthless it appears
buy BePS 2510/2500 Jan 02 for $4.00, sold hour later for $6.50

Off to a good start after nice finish last month.