NQ Entry

STO NQ 1/11 6510-10 Put Spread/Binary
STO NQ 1/11 6720+10 Call Spread/Binary
2.00 Credit
Exit Stop Limit Loss: 3x credit per side
ie, 1.00 for spread, the stop limit is 2.95/3.00 GTC

It’s brutal out there…


SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold $SPX Jan 11th 2520/2540-2635/2655 iron condors for .85

#shortcallspreads XLP Sold Feb. 15,…

#shortcallspreads XLP

Sold Feb. 15, 51/55 call spread for 1.20

#coveredcallcampaign GIS Sold Feb. 15,…

#coveredcallcampaign GIS SKX NKTR

GIS Sold Feb. 15, 42.50 call for .68, Tradewise recommendation
SKX rolled Jan. 18, 24 call to Feb. 8, 24 call for .85, earnings are Feb. 6
NKTR rolled Jan. 40 call to Feb. 15 for 1.60

Finally unraveling some trade adjustments…

Finally unraveling some trade adjustments over the last 14 weeks and bringing in some profits again. Have been flat for 3 months but a very nice week today 🙂

EOG 110/110 with the back ratio ccs wrapped around it from the other day. With the slight pull back this morning I was able to sell 5 99 calls for 15 DTE for 1.97. What this did was lock in a no loss trade on the credit spread. Original trade was the 97/98 ccs. Back ratioed the other day. With todays trade I locked in a gain of $25 total if it closes at 98.02. Anywhere above 99 or below 97 that expands to $505. Basically inverted a butterfly but because of the gains from the back ratio now have that part of the trade risk free.
After the original post, rolled the 22 DTE 110 put out to 43 DTE for 0.45 credit. Cb now 13.96.
EXPE 120/120 125/126, 117/118 ccs and 118/120 ccs at cost basis of 9.43. Managing same as EOG. Any of the short strikes breached will delta neutral hedge (usually buy back half of the shorts).
GILD 70/70 cb 8.48. Will roll in 2-3 weeks.
MU 35/35 cb 14.80 and will roll 1-2 weeks
WDC 40/40 cb 19.11. Roll next week. This will be the longest to recover. Good thing I have a lot of time.
XBI 80/80 at 13.97 rolls in 2 weeks.
LNG 50/60 1 DTE rolled out 15 DTE for 0.48 credit. Cb 14.06
GILD 67.5/69 cb 8.90 and rolls in 2 weeks

LNG batch 1 61 CC should be assigned tomorrow at 57.70 cb
LNG batch 2 61 cc should be assigned at 58.53 cb.

SQ should expire for full profit tomorrow. 667.50 profit on 3 contracts in 2 weeks. Finally an easy winner chicken dinner.

22 DTE 242.5/240.5 pcs for 0.20 credit. Small account so only 5 contracts. However, once batch 1 LNG expires this is one of the accounts I will re-dedicate to #spycraft with the mechanical management rules. Trying to double the 2 accounts in a year. Easy to keep track of since the new year.

I will be legging into an out of a lot of trades now. Anytime I can lock in a gain will do it. No guessing about what to do when short strikes are violated, they will be delta neutral hedged or shut down at a minimal loss, no questions asked. After looking at 4 years of #spycraft trades, controlling losses was the number 1 way to make this tactic profitable. The other way appears to be applying some timing by legging in and out of sides.

2dte SPX

Filled yesterday:

STO ES 1/11 2535-10 Put Spread/Binary
STO ES 1/11 2630+10 Call Spread/Binary
2.10 credit
gtc stops at 3.10 per side set.
I stopped posting until the model went back to live capital by going into the black.  A loss will take it back into sim, a win will add contracts with fixed ratio sizing.  Model is about even since real time testing started mid november, but just traded out of a 30% drawdown, which took a +50% improvement to accomplish.


#LongCalls #LEAPS – Another round. Getting quite a bit below my LEAPS so starting to ratio the sales a little…

Bought to Close 5 WTW JAN 18 2019 44.0 Calls @ .05 (sold for .85)

Sold 3 WTW FEB 1 2019 40.0 Calls @ .75


#ShortCalls -Nice rally today…stopped out a previous sale for over half of max profit and sold another batch too early…

Bought to Close OLED JAN 18 2019 100.0 Calls @ .50 (sold for 1.50)

Sold OLED FEB 1 2019 97.5 Calls @ 1.30

SPX 1dte IC

Legging into an SPX Jan11 IC. Sold SPX Jan11 2520/2515 pcs @.30 x6. Will sell CCS to complete IC on 5-min Tide reversal with upper study set to 0.5 and lower 0.25.
Update: Sold Jan11 2630/2635 call credit spread @.25 x6 to complete the IC based on 5-min Tide short signal.
Total credit $330 on the trade.


SPX 7dte IC ladder strategy

Sold SPX Jan18 IC 2635/2640/2480/2475 CALL/PUT @1.30 x2



#earnings #closing BBBY Yesterday sold…

#earnings #closing BBBY

Yesterday sold Jan. 18 BBBY straddle for 2.02, bought today for 1.49.

Jerome can’t stay quiet

Not originally scheduled, but added to the calendar:

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell to participate in discussion at the Economic Club of Washington in Washington, DC.

Today, 12:45 ET