SPX 1dte picture perfect

SPX Jan23 IC 2595/2600/2680/2685 Put/Call expired. Sold 6 lots at .45 yesterday, 4 in one account and 2 in another. After two harrowing days of defending ICs that breached or nearly breached the short side, today’s closing risk profile was gratifying.
spx 1dte jan23


Sold WDC Feb 01 2019 33.0 Put @ 0.50
Willing to take stock if it falls that much after earnings this week.

URI Earnings

#ShortPuts #Earnings – Had pretty good luck with this one in the past. Just selling a put out in Feb monthly so not technically an earnings play but should have some volatility crush in the monthlies. Wouldn’t mind owning a little…

Sold URI Feb 15 2019 105.0 Put @ 2.30


#CoveredCalls – Full position now sold in earnings week…

Sold STX Feb 08 2019 41.0 Call Limit @ 1.11

#shortstock MO Back in ,…

#shortstock MO

Back in , sold short 100 shares at 44.71, left too early the other day.


HIIQ STO 2/15/19 31.0 PUTS @1.10


STO January 2021, 65 calls against my 2021 60 calls. The 65 calls were sold at 6.27 average price. Yesterday I bought the TQQQ stock at 43.25 to cover the 55 calls that I sold previously at 6.05