EXAS STO Puts / SPX 1 DTE Expired

$EXAS STO 2/1 82 put at .60

$SPX STO 1/30 2565/2585/2705/2685 IC for 1.10 Bought it this morning and my nails are still on my fingers as it expired worthless. Thank you @jeffcp66


Hi all

For those affect by #SVXY#  last year, I was contacted by an attorney in NYC who is filing a class action suit.  If interested, here’s his contact info:

Eitan Kimelman
Bronstein, Gewirtz & Grossman, LLC
60 E 42nd Street, Suite 4600, New York, New York 10165
 212.697.6484   917‑750‑9429   212.697.7296  
 eitank@bgandg.com   http://www.bgandg.com/




SPX 1-dte trades

#SPX1dte Sold $SPX Jan 31st 2615/2635-2735/2755 iron condors for 1.00. (IV 16%)

I hated doing this because I feel the rally today is a headfake, but I cannot fight the tape any higher than this.

Bought to close $SPX Feb 14th 2730/2750 call spreads for 5.75. Sold in a #CondorRoll on Jan 4th.
#CondorRoll Sold to Open Feb 14th 2600/2620/2760/2780 condors for 6.05.

Theotrade VIX hedge…

#Hedges -From last weekend’s freebie. Go to the 10:30 mark to see his VIX hedge. Basically sell puts to finance bull call spreads. Could be getting close to time again…


Jumping back into NUGT

Sold $NUGT Jun 21 35 calls @ 1.01. Highest strike in June.


Did one of DK’s Back Ratio’s on 1-28
-1 267/+2 271 for .26 cr starting to be profitable

Iceman classic…



Closed last of SPX Butterfly’s opened 12-31 2625/2650/2675 for 1.35, closed 1 on 1-24 $2.25 just closed rest $2.25
Not sure where we are going, had a nice profit. Did not want it to run right past limits.

#earnings MSFT X TastyTrade ideas…

#earnings MSFT X

TastyTrade ideas

X sold March 15, 22 straddle for 3.11
MSFT sold March 15, 95/115 strangle for 1.89

Thank you for the earnings data Jeff.

TQQQ calls

#LongLEAPs #SyntheticCoveredCalls
Filled on the Fed spike: Sold $TQQQ Feb 15th 44 calls for 2.45