Almost canceled

#VIXIndicator We closed with $VIX only 0.10 above the cancelation level of the Downside Warning, which has been in effect since October 5th. If bears are going to show up, they better do it soon.

Double Calendar trades

#Earnings #DoubleCalendar

Bought $HON Feb01/Feb08 144 for .85
Bought $MRK Feb01/Feb08 74.5 for .47
Bought $EW Feb01/Feb08 170 for 1.57

#earnings #shortputspread AMZN Sold March…

#earnings #shortputspread AMZN

Sold March 15, 1490/1500 put spread for 1.41

#lizardpies XBI decayed enough I…


XBI decayed enough I rolled it to an 83/83/83.5 jade lizard for 1.59 credit. cb 81.41 if assigned.

DECK condor

#Earnoings #IronCondor Sold to Open $DECK Feb 1st 105/110/145/150 iron condors for .85

AMZN condor

#Earnings #IronCondor Sold to Open $AMZN Feb 1st 1590/1600-1870/1880 iron condors for 2.00.

SPY 21dte

Closed 6 pcs on 3 SPY 21dte ICs @ .05. Sold for .20 each. Profit $90. Hopefully the turtle wins the race because I am the turtle.
STO replacement pcs at 16 delta.

#earnings #shortstrangles DECK Sold March…

#earnings #shortstrangles DECK

Sold March 15, 100/150 strangle for 2.12, stock is at 126.

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold $SPX Feb 1st 2630/2650-2745/2765 iron condors for 1.00. (IV 15.35%; SPX 2703)

FB Roll

This seems like a stretch but I will watch closely

$FB BTC 2/1 152.50 call and STO 2/15 165 call at 9.70 debit but would gain 12.50 if called away.