Reading posts a lot of…

Reading posts a lot of us are under water on a lot of tickers. Out on a bike ride I had a thought. Obviously selling below the cost basis a snap back rally you then lock in your losses if assigned.

I have been saying it for a while but have yet to do it, sell ATM call credit spreads. Bring in a little income, if the market rockets upward you are long stock, short an equal # of calls, but then have the same number of calls long or any ratio you choose. No cap to the upside.

Personally I am going to do this on my TQQQ trades with the next roll. Roll down right to ATM and then be long net calls for free.

Probably not the best to do these with weeklies, I would go out 30-90 days to give them some room. Then if you want back in the stock, let your long calls exercise.

As for my losing put #fuzzy, duh on my part, I should be selling CCS spreads all the way down. We reverse and I will back ratio them. The problem is I always do it too late. From now on if I sell a delta 20-30 and it reaches delta 30-50, that is the point I will back ratio and hopefully get a directional kick. If nothing else at least reduce the max loss.

Thoughts? Other ideas?

#atomicfuzzy, #callcreditspread

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold $SPX Jan 4th 2345/2365-2520/2540 for 1.25.

Fully hedged on SSO, TNA, TQQQ, and TNA

Lightened up the hedges on my shares earlier this week so they could run. Now I’m back to weekly ATM short calls, put flies and WOTM puts. Who woke up the bear?


#shortstock PM Sold 100 shares…

#shortstock PM
Sold 100 shares short for 66.95

Also in the short world, DENN up another .30 today arrgghhh

Lots of trading and work,…

Lots of trading and work, not much profit. The #fuzzy trades hold up well but since I am so far out in time and so far ITM on some of these now, not much income or fast theta decay. Had I known we would be in a full bear I would have unhinged them and would be collecting profits now.

EOG 110/110 puts are now way ITM. Market makers are being greedy. I have an order in to roll the 29 DTE out to 43 for 0.45 credit but no one will take it. If I can’t roll it will reset or shut the entire thing down for about a 6 point loss as it gets closer to expiration. Hoping for at least a little bump in oil prices. cb 14.64
EXPE 125/126 and 120/120 rolled the 15 and 22 DTE out to 36 and 43 DTE for a total of 2.1 in credits. Cb now 9.63.
GILD 70/70 nice bump today. Cb 8.48 and will roll in a few weeks.
MU 35/35 cb 14.80. Getting dragged down further into the black hole by AAPL.
WDC 40/40 cb 19.11 same as MU.
XBI 80/80 cb 13.97
LNG 50/65 cb at 14.54
GILD lot 2 67.5/69 cb 8.9
Most of these are out 15-22 days before further rolling.

TQQQ 50 cc at 57.60 cb. Will either roll to a leap in 2 weeks or hope for rebound. IRA so I can sit on it but would like to be generating some income.
TQQQ lot 2 50 cc 58.10. Same story.
LNG 61 cc expires next week, cb 57.7 and if expires ITM will be first real winning trade in 13 weeks.
LNG lot 2 61 CC cb 58.53 sam as above.

SQ 55.5/55.5/56.5 straddle expires tomorrow rolled down to strangle 54.5/55.5/56.5 for 0.49 credit. Total credit now 2.04 with cb of 53.46 if assigned and no risk to upside.

I really think the jade lizard will be an excellent tweak to the #pietrades and possibly increase returns another 10% annualized. As I unwind some of these other trades will be putting more of these on.

I also need to be much better at directional trading!!!!

As I have said before, the income will not keep up with the drops, as much as the market is a 50-50 proposition, the more I trade the more I realize being right on directional makes a huge difference to the success of a trade and profits in general.


#LongCalls #LEAPS – 105 down to 37 and I still plan on making money on this…LOL. I sure know how to pick ’em!

Sold WTW JAN 25 2019 43.5 Calls @ .60

PVTL covered calls

#CoveredCalls Sold $PVTL Jan 18th 17 calls for .50.

Market Tide indicator today…

#Scalping -Been in and out today so no trade (fuzzy skeered…LOL) but the indicator seems to be working nicely in the chop.



BTC January 18, 63 calls at .05 and STO January 18, 40/45 calls spread for a credit of .52 cents. It is a good thing that I have 2 years to go on these.

#coveredcalls #firsttrade of 2019 AAPL…

#coveredcalls #firsttrade of 2019 AAPL
bought to close Jan. 4, 160 call for .02 yipee

Calls closed (again)

If I was only selling calls and didn’t have #LongLEAPs, this would be a brilliant strategy!

BTC $TQQQ Jan 4th 39.5 calls for .05. Sold for .74 on Friday.
BTC $SQ Jan 4th 59 calls for .05. Sold for .79 on Friday.


#ShortCalls – Stops set on previous call sales so adding a half position here prior to earnings. See if I can talk it into a small recovery…

Sold OLED JAN 25 2019 97.5 Calls @ 1.20


I rolled my January 18, 2019, 95 calls out to the January 2020, 95 calls for a credit of 2.80


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