Covered Calls NFLX TNDM EVTC / Short Puts WK

$TNDM STO 3/15 65 calls at 2.25 It can’t keep going up can it?
$NFLX STO 3/1 370 call at 2.60
$EVTC STO 3/15 30 call at .30

$WK STO 3/15 50 put at 1.70 Trying to build a position at a discount

GPS #earnings This one is…

GPS #earnings
This one is going to hurt anyone with short calls…


So much for TSLA’s big announcement. Nothing burger


OSTK STO 3/1/19 21.0 CALLS @.70 Expires tomorrow.


–Tesla Teases Mystery Launch on its Website; Redirects Order Traffic to Statement: “The Wait is Almost Over, Great Things are Launching” at 5 pm ET.

All the hype has pushed the stock up to 320


OSTK STO 3/1/19 18.5 PUTS @.65 Expires tomorrow.

ADSK Earnings

#JadeLizard – This thing can go anywhere. If it tanks I’ll get the stock around the 50ma. No upside risk…

Sold ADSK MAR 1 2019 150.0/170.0/172.5 Jade Lizard @ 3.25