$WYNN STO 2/1 116 puts at 3.90 Earnings 1/30

$OKTA BTO 5/17 75/90 BUCS @6.40 Thank you @jsd501

SPX 1-dte LONG

#SPX1dte Bought to Open $SPX Jan 28th 2600/2620-2700/2720 iron condors for .70.

Filled after bell, Jan28th IV only 8.7%; expected move 18.77. HV still above IV, but dropping. ATR 43.35.

#earnings #rolling LRCX Jan. 23…

#earnings #rolling LRCX
Jan. 23 sold a Feb. 15, 120/160 strangle for 1.78, rolled today to March 15 125/160 for 2.59, LRCX up to 166 today.

INTC dbl calendar conversion

#Earnings #DoubleCalendar #LongStock #Assignment #Dividends

Sold to close $INTC Feb 1st 50 put for 3.20. Will be assigned long stock for 50.00. Add .54 for calendar purchase, subtract 3.20 from put sale, cost basis 47.34.

Will sell calls and hang on to stock for at least one dividend round.

#coveredcallcampaign AAPL Rolled Jan. 25,…

#coveredcallcampaign AAPL

Rolled Jan. 25, 160 call to Feb. 1 for 2.82. My cost basis on these assigned shares is 156.99 and I don’t want them anymore so if AAPL blows through earnings next week I’ll be happy as I have another lot , uncovered at a little higher basis.

SPX 1-dte closed

#SPX1dte Was hoping gov’t reopening might give us a final spike, but the spike was in the wrong direction.
Closed last batch of $SPX call spreads for 1.00. Bought for .70, closed for 1.62 avg price.

#earnings #doublecalendar INTC CL INTC…

#earnings #doublecalendar INTC CL
INTC I rolled the Jan. 25, 50 short put to March 15, 50 for .75, the short call will expire out of the money today. I’ll see what happens with the longs on Monday
CL I have the in the money 60 call and none of them have traded today, including, and especially, my attempts. I’ll take the short shares and see what happens on Monday, otherwise would be a push. I’m new to these types of trades and open to other ideas.