/VX VIX futures

Bringing this to the top from my reply below…just thinking out loud tonight.


Funny you should mention VIX futures…I think I’m going to quit shorting UVXY naked calls and concentrate on the futures. I believe a person could short a few contracts each time it spikes above 25 and do pretty good much more safely without the constant UVXY spike worry.

A VIX future trades at a value of 50 dollars per tick with each tick being .05 This makes them worth 1000 dollars per point. Instead of sitting year round with big short UVXY exposure just wait until the 2 or 3 times a year we get a spike in the VIX futures 20-25 range and short a few. Imagine shorting 5 of those in late August and catching about 10 points of the move. Seems a lot safer without the constant black swan risk.
Of course your account would have to be able to withstand the daily mark to market of the futures if you short to early plus margin of about 6000 per contract.