AAL “insider trading” ?

Not sure if anyone has seen our headlines lately. Long story short…technical glitch allowed pilots system wide to drop trips in December that normally wouldn’t be allowed. Now we are looking at tons of open flying that nobody seems interested in even after the company offer of double time to pick them up. I believe the company is downplaying the severity of this to preserve holiday bookings…




I could be totally wrong too. I hope so since I’m on call over Christmas and New Year’s…LOL But…if we get a little news story about how maybe everything isn’t as it may seem, I’m going to take a low risk shot at some downside using the @vxxkelly butterfly hedge. Tiny risk for possibly decent reward. I don’t see an implosion but possibly a small pullback so love the idea of trying to do it for a credit.

Have to double check the numbers when the market is open but right now the 49/47/45 or 48/46/44 looks like pretty good risk/reward.