Trading DIS for NVDA

#SyntheticStock – As @1strangealien and I were discussing down below I’ve bailed on DIS for a small loss and established a new position in NVDA (one of my favorites). Decent liquidity and great premium for weekly selling against the long term position.

DIS details: (I’ll post seperately with the NVDA details)

Sold to Close Jan 2020 100 strike synthetic stock @ 6.90
Sold to Close Jan 2020 90 strike disaster puts @ 5.50
Bought to Close Jun 2018 105 calls @ 6.70

Net credit of 5.70 plus front month premium received of .40 so 6.10 total. Cost to enter the trade was 6.63 so final numbers work out to a loss of .53. I’ll roll that into my NVDA cost and have it made up this week. LOL Hate a loser but really wanted a crack at NVDA so happy to close it.