1/3/2018 #Fuzzy Trades Amazing two…

1/3/2018 #Fuzzy Trades
Amazing two days here. Wish I could hit a pause button. Or use the magic “flatten” button that Tom S. always wanted to develop for TOS. Wouldn’t that be great…..1 button and go flat everything with no slippage?
1. RCL What a gift here! I kept running fibs and symmetry on this knowing we were precariously close to serious support failure, but low volume kept me waiting it out. Got a nice roll today. BTC Jan 5 125 call for .14 STO Jan 12 123 call for 1.11cr.
2. MU Rode this up unhedged for a little ways and added a hedge back on, STO Jan 12 45 call for .76 cr
3. DWDP This was unhedged last week based on UOA I saw at the 74 line. I took the opp today to close it all out for a total $1500 gain.
4. AAPL BTC Jan 5 172.5 c for 1.92 sold Jan 18 175 c for 1.84. Pullback after the roll.
5. QQQ BTC Jan 5 158 c for 1.83 STO Jan 18 159 c for 1.99 cr.

Fuzzies left to manage this week:
JPM (EPS next week)

p.s. I still have an alternate RCL trade that went through multiple layers of defense. It started with a 123/120 BuPS, then I butterflied it, then added an IC at support. It is sitting under a significant profit umbrella graph, but hasn’t bumped much above the zero line yet.

I was joking around with some friends that I made enough today to buy a few Yugos. They didn’t know what a Yugo was. Sadly, I owned one.