Synthetic Stock…Repair of Weekly Sales

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#SyntheticStock #Fuzzy – While criss crossing the country this week I’ve had plenty of time to think about things (besides the mountains around Eagle CO and the cyclone in NYC…LOL)

I’ve got a couple synthetic long positions where the weekly call sale has gone ITM. Not surprising in this market but still annoying. Most of the trades are still profitable but it’s more fun when they are REALLY profitable. So…what can I do once they’re so DITM that rolling up and out becomes nearly impossible?

I’m going to use my most extreme example here…

Currently holding AMZN Jun 2019 synthetic short at 1050. It started out as 1000 synthetic but I rolled up a couple months ago to bring a little cash back in. For quite awhile I was selling weekly calls around the 950 to 1000 level while AMZN chopped around down there. They then had an earnings surprise and stock took off and hasn’t stopped since.

My current short call is Jan 2018 monthly at 1010. Obviously DITM so what can I do?

When looking at the overall position and imagining this at expiration, my profit is capped at the level of the short call so the goal is to get that as high as possible.

My plan is to roll the synthetic up to a level I’m comfortable with as far as AMZN support goes. Then…take the credit and use it to roll the ITM short call up. This accomplishes two things. First, the call can be rolled for around even and up a slightly greater distance than the synthetic moves up. Secondly, the short call becomes less DITM so it becomes more rollable in the future (that’s the most important thing I think).

So…what’s the risk? An AMZN implosion is the risk…LOL. For now I’m not rolling up the disaster put since the DITM short call actually provides a nice hedge of it’s own on pullbacks. If the short call were to become out of the money then that might be a signal to ease the disaster put up. Until then, I’m not wasting cash on it.

Hopefully I’ve explained this ok. Other than the free fall of the stock, are there other risks I’m not seeing or considering? It seems to be a reasonable shot at capturing further upside with limited risk increase. I haven’t run the numbers yet on cheaper stocks but looking at VRX now…

Long story short…roll up the synthetic and use the credit to roll up the DITM call IF and only IF you’re confident in the stock holding it’s upside move.