VXX longs

#VXXGame Closed second batch of my $VXX Jan 2020 20 puts, sold for 3.00. Bought between Jan 22 and Aug 27, avg price 1.30. Still holding several more.

#fallingknife PINS Sold Dec. 20,…

#fallingknife PINS

Sold Dec. 20, 20 put for 1.17.

AA calls

Have long stock from a couple of assignments so taking this opportunity to chip away at the basis. Sold $AA 12/20 24 calls @ .55 with the stock at 21.86.

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX Nov 4th 3020/3030-3090/3100 condors for .45. 10-wide, double size position.
IV 5.70%, SPX 3062.

Closing some Dec DRIP

Bought to close $DRIP 12/20 115 calls @ 3.60. Sold for 8.50 and 10.00 in July.


#ShortPuts – Sold this one 9 days ago at same time as the other one except it was out in December. With 49 days still to go I’ll book it and wait for the next pullback to re-enter.

Bought to Close SOXL DEC 20 2019 125.0 Put @ 1.45 (sold for 4.70)


#CoveredCalls #Earnings – trickling up some ITM covered calls and one expiration….

AAPL: Earnings trade worked.
Expiring: Sold AAPL NOV 01 2019 245.0/240.0 Bull Put Spread @ 2.30

REGN: Rolling into earnings week and keeping a little downside protection.
Rolled REGN NOV 01 2019 302.5 Call to NOV 08 2019 305.0 Call @ 3.50 credit (14.80 total now)

SHOP: Easing it up a little.
Rolled SHOP NOV 01 2019 292.5 Call to NOV 15 2019 295.0 Call @ 1.00 credit (25.05 total now)

SQ: Rolling into earnings and staying at the money with nice credit.
Rolled SQ NOV 1 2019 61.0 Calls to NOV 8 2019 63.0 Calls @ 1.15 credit (3.95 total now)

Econ Calendar for week of 11/4/19

Screen Shot 2019-11-01 at 10.28.22 AM
Screen Shot 2019-11-01 at 10.28.22 AM

Link to calendar: https://us.econoday.com/byweek.asp?day=4&month=11&year=2019&cust=us&lid=0

#fallingknife GRUB Sold Dec. 20,…

#fallingknife GRUB
Sold Dec. 20, 30 put for 1.05 with GRUB at 33.58. GRUB was at 60 this week before earnings.

#earnings #closing BABA Bought strangle…

#earnings #closing BABA
Bought strangle for 3.25, sold yesterday for 3.74
ANET is another story, currently down $59.


#ShortPuts – Taking this off two weeks early. Only in it nine days…

Bought to Close SOXL NOV 15 2019 150.0 Put @ .40 (sold for 4.90)


#ShortPuts – Earnings aren’t supposed to be for 2 weeks but nothing confirmed yet. Booking this one in case they surprise and move it up to next week (been there done that…LOL)

Bought to Close NTES NOV 08 2019 265.0 Put @ .25 (sold for 2.90)


#CoveredCalls – Taking the nickel close for safety since I had double sold these.

Bought to Close ULTA NOV 1 2019 242.5 Call @ .05 (sold for 5.20)

SPX Stopped Stopped out of…

SPX Stopped Stopped out of my BeCS at 2.05 followed by stopped on the BuPS at .30. Lost .11 each IC overall.

SPX stopped

#SPX1dte $SPX 3065 short calls closed for 1.75. Stop breached at the open, but couldn’t get enough pull back. Closed before ISM number hits at top of hour. Condors sold yesterday for 1.05.

ANET put for earnings

Earnings week was going a little rough for me– lots of one-lot or cheapo OTM puts and calls aren’t high probability for profit.  Made about $100.00 at open today with some $X calls for earnings.  But finally landed a whale in $ANET.  BTO $ANET 11/1 $200 Put at $0.15 debit yesterday, STC same at $26.25 a few minutes after open.  Have a great weekend everybody!Screenshot_20191101-063800.png

October Jobs Report

#Jobs — higher than expected, given GM strike, plus upward revisions of Aug & Sept

+128,000 non-farm payroll jobs, vs. 75K expected
Unemployment at 3.6%, up by .01%
U6 unemployment at 7.0%, up by 0.1%
Wages up 0.2%, to 3.0% year over year
Labor force participation 63.3%, up by .01%

September revised up from 136K to 180K
August revised up from 158K to 219K