HUM butterflys

#Earnings . Following @mortlightman here, although I would still like to know, Mort, why you only went with the downside. Also, what is exit plan….. do you want for price to go near your center strike or just get out quickly?

Bought $HUM Nov 8th 280/282.5/285 put butterflys for .15
Bought $HUM Nov 8th 305/307.5/310 call butterflys for .17

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX 3040/3050-3100/3110 condors for .50, 10-wide, double sized.
IV 7.31%, SPX 3078.

UBER off

#Earnings Bought to close $UBER Nov 8th 27.5 puts for .75. #ShortStrangles sold yesterday for 1.86. I’ll let the 33.5 calls expire.


Could not post yesterday, wordpress problem???
BTO UBRE Nov 8 Put BF 29.5/27.5/25.5 $0.25 seems to be working fine. This is an Expected Move earnings BF small risk big potential from Don Kaufman

#earnings IONS Sold Dec. 45/65…

#earnings IONS

Sold Dec. 45/65 strangle for 1.40.
Bought some insurance, Nov. 22 45/65 straddle for .44

#rolling SMH October 8, sold…

#rolling SMH

October 8, sold a 97/128 strangle for 1.05. October 9 SMH started going up and up. Today rolled to Dec. 105/128 for 2.01. SMH is at 133.


#ShortPuts – Finally out of this one. It was a repair trade on some covered calls that were exercised early for a loss. Turned around and sold ITM puts to make it up. Ended with a small profit.

Bought to Close TNA NOV 08 2019 60.0 Puts @ .10 (sold for 1.00 after adding in loss repair)