Calendar bust

#Earnings Been striking out on recent #DoubleCalendar trades…

Paid .01 to close put calendar on $INTU, bought yesterday for 1.35. This one is a disappointment as it is more expensive than most of these trades, and these higher priced stocks rarely result in a full loss. The morning looked promising but it spent the whole day sinking. It does, however, have a better chance than most of producing some return on the long 272.5 long call lottery ticket next week.

$HD, sold the long puts yesterday, expecting some bounce, but it fell further. So holding the stock for next week.

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX Nov 25th 3055/3075-3130/3150 condors for .85, IV: 5.90%, SPX: 3108.

Expiring: Nov 22nd 3060/3070-3130/3140, sold yesterday for .45.

Econ Calendar for week of 11/25/19

#GDP numbers on Wednesday morning
Screen Shot 2019-11-22 at 10.59.31 AM
Screen Shot 2019-11-22 at 10.59.31 AM

Link to Calendar:


OX $PTON 11/22 27p #Shortputs
STO $PTON 11/29 27.5p @.35 #Shortputs Replacing above. Looking to add to long stock

OX $SPLK 11/22 105/115 #BuPS STO 11/21 @1.05 – Thanks for info/idea @Jeff and @Fuzzball #Earnings

#shortstrangles #shortstraddles ROST LB #tastytradefollow…

#shortstrangles #shortstraddles ROST LB
ROST sold Jan. 17, 100/115 for 2.40
JWN sold Jan. 17, 32.50/40 for 2.19
LB sold Jan. 17, 17.50 straddle for 2.65

ROKU put spread

Sold $ROKU 12/20 145/135 bull put spread @ 2.45. Delta of short puts 28.


ROKU Calls Rolled

$ROKU BTC 11/22 162.5 calls at .29 STO at 2.10 and STO 11/29 165 calls for 2.49.

ZM Puts Rolled / PLAN Put / Closed TWTR Put / SPLK YES!

$ZM BTC 12/6 72 call and STO 12/27 73 call at .30 added credit. Rolled three times at 1.95 credit and gained $4.5
if called away. Stock upgraded by somebody with $90 target today.

$PLAN STO 12/20 50 put at 1.75. Part of Covered strangle with 55 call

$TWTR BTC 11/22 32 put at 2.10. STO at 2.81

Expire today
$SPLK 115 put STO at 1.25. Thank you @fuzzballl


#CoveredCalls – An old busted earnings trade almost back to even…

Rolled SQ NOV 22 2019 63.5 Calls to DEC 13 2019 64.5 Calls @ even


#CoveredCalls #ShortPuts – Trading profitable stock for a short put. Gets the cash back into the sweep account to draw a tiny bit of interest (around 1.6% for now).

Stock will be called away @ 297.50 (basis 294.85)
Sold SHOP DEC 20 2019 280.0 Put @ 3.90 (selling below the 200ma and below recent lows)

SPLK Earnings

#Earnings #JadeLizards – Another big up move on a Lizard. No harm no foul. Little dip right at the open got me out of the call spread for 1.75. Already up to 2.00 now.

Bought to Close SPLK NOV 22 2019 115.0/127.0/129.0 Jade Lizards @ 1.78 (sold for 2.16)