SPX 4-dte

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX Nov 15th 3050/3025 put spreads for 1.75, IV 9.37%, SPX close 3087
Sold this after the bell. I was wrong about a rally today but still think we have higher to go before this peters out.

Expiring today: 3065/3046 put credit spread and 3110/3125 call debit spread, trades placed Friday for net credit of .40.


The cash VIX is up 6% today despite the pullback from a strong open.
Keep an eye on it

#earnings #closing ROKU and another…

#earnings #closing ROKU
and another one -Nov. 6, sold a Dec. 20 105/115/180/185 iron condor for 1.51, bought today for .97, still have a Nov. 22 195/205 long call spread that was an upside hedge, bought for .27, not making much, but not losing.



$AAPL STO 12/20 240/250 BUPS at 1.30

@smasty Sue, what is your…


Sue, what is your plan for TGT #suecollar trade?
With the earning coming up, puts are very expensive.

TSLA re-writes

This morning TSLA spiked because of the Jefferies new $400 price target for the stock. The stock peaked at about 349 at noon.
Sold 1 TSLA 11/15/2019 365.00 Call @ 1.30 (too early) then sold 1 TSLA 11/15/2019 367.50 Call @ 1.16 (still too early).
Finally sold 1 TSLA 11/15/2019 370.00 Call @ 1.65 (much better fill).
These expire Friday and replace calls that expired or were covered last week and are sold against December and January long calls left over from other spreads.

#earnings #closing DIS Finally able…

#earnings #closing DIS
Finally able to close an earnings trade
Nov. 7, sold a Dec. 20, 120/145 strangle for 1.51, bought today for 1.18.