The Good, Expiring worthless:
$SPX Nov 8th 3040/3060-3110/3130 condors, sold yesterday for .80
$DIS Nov 8th 130/128 put spreads, sold yesterday for .65

The Bad, although not Ugly,
$MNST Nov 8th 59/60.5/62 EM call butterfly, bought yesterday for .205
$HUM Nov 8th EM put and call butterflys, bought for .32 total on Tuesday
First time I tried these, both could have been exited for small profit at one point, but I waited to see if I could get more.

#Earnings #EMButterfly


#ShortCalls – Cleaning up a few of these…

Bought to Close UVXY NOV 15 2019 25.0 Calls @ .06 (sold for .69)
Bought to Close UVXY DEC 20 2019 40.0/50.0 Bear Call Spreads @ .10 (sold for 1.30)

SPX 1-dte risk reversal

#SPX1dte After getting stopped out on call side last Friday and Monday, I am taking a bullish bet for Monday, since yesterday and today SPX was nearly flat. Time for another surge.

Sold to Open $SPX Nov 11th 3065/3045 put spread for .68 credit
Bought to open Nov 11th 3110/3125 call spreads for .28 debit

I did the above as one trade for a .40 credit. If we gap open I will look to sell the call spread early.

The Haps Next Week

Screen Shot 2019-11-08 at 11.08.13 AM
Screen Shot 2019-11-08 at 11.08.13 AM

Link to calendar: https://us.econoday.com/byweek.asp?day=11&month=11&year=2019&cust=us&lid=0


#CoveredCalls – Finally got out of these at a nickel after quite a few rolls collecting premium.

Bought to Close SQ NOV 8 2019 63.0 Calls @ .05 (sold for 3.90)
Sold SQ NOV 22 2019 63.5 Calls @ 1.21

ROKU put spread

Sold $ROKU 12/20 105/95 bull put spread @ 1.78. Stock at 121.06. Delta of short puts 21.


#CoveredCalls – Incredibly strong market so tough to do much with ITM covered calls. Trying a couple different things on these two. Looking forward to being out of these since they are the last of my bad entries in this particular account.

REGN – Assigned this stock at 380 and rode it all the way down to 270 while selling calls against. Reduced basis to 323 but now caught in the move up. One more roll to wait for a pullback. If that doesn’t happen I’ll let stock go and switch to some put selling to get the last few dollars needed.

Rolled REGN NOV 08 2019 305.0 Call to DEC 27 2019 310.0 Call @ .04 credit

WYNN: Not many good rolling options on this one so letting the stock go at 107. Basis on 200 shares was 113 so 6 dollar loss. Similar to the recent TNA repair I’m selling an extra put to get the entire 12 dollars back. See where these end up and go from there.

Sold 3 WYNN DEC 13 2019 122.0 Puts @ 4.05

EXPE Falling Knife

Sold $EXPE Apr 17 2020 75 puts @ 1.20

SQ closed

#Earnings . Sold to close $SQ Nov08/Nov15 61 #DoubleCalendar for 1.00. Bought Wednesday for .48