OX $OSTK Nov 15 15 Calls (covered) – STO 10/21 @.30. Very under water on the underlying.


$PEP 135/140 BUCS Total Loss. BTO at 2.50
And the good:
$VEEV 140/145 BUPS STO 1.45 on 9/26
$ROKU 100/110 BUPS STO 1.95 0n 10/16
$BA 320/330 BUPS STO at 1.80 on 10/23 Thank you @Ramie
$SOXL 150 Put STO at 4.50
$TOL 42 call STO at .63
$TRTN 35 covered straddle. Stock called away with basis of 30.65

Have a nice weekend.

Rolled ZM

$ZM BTC 11/29 70 calls and STO 12/6 72 calls at 1.25 added credit. Stock currently at $70, up 2.25 for the day. Earnings 12/7

Closing CRWD

Bought to close $CRWD 12/20 42.50 puts @ .70. Sold for 1.55 on 11/13.

Is this a good time…

Is this a good time to start buying VXX calls? 🙂


SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte I’m legging in as I feel the index may continue higher into the close.

Sold $SPX Nov 18th 3085/3065 put spreads for .55. IV 5.98%, SPX 3115.

Will look to sell call side on a spike higher, or perhaps skip it since IV and premium is so low.

NVDA post-earnings

Sold $NVDA 12/20 200 put @ 5.65 with the stock at 205. Looking to potentially acquire some stock for a longer term hold.

Closed CSCO to avoid assignment

#Earnings Closed put side of $CSCO Nov15/Nov22 48.5 #DoubleCalendar for .00 on TOS, for a .01 debit on IB. The short calls will expire, long calls a lottery ticket for next week.


#CoveredCalls – Rolling out and up to next week. Paying a small debit but picking up 5 points. Should get one more roll before earnings…

Rolled ULTA NOV 15 2019 242.5 Call to NOV 22 2019 247.5 Call @ .20 debit

Econ Calendar for week of 11/18/19

#FOMC minutes Wednesday at 2pm ET
Screen Shot 2019-11-15 at 10.20.02 AM
Screen Shot 2019-11-15 at 10.20.02 AM

Link to Calendar: https://us.econoday.com/byweek.asp?day=18&month=11&year=2019&cust=us&lid=0


BTC $ISRG 525/535 #BuPS @0.25. Was STO 11/8 @1.25.

BTC $NVDA 225/235 Nov 29 #BeCS @0.4. Originally STO as 220/230 Oct 17@1.10, rolled 11/14 @-0.20.
OX $NVDA Nov 15 180/190 11/15 #BuPS. Was STO 11/5@1.05. (unless things tank this afternoon)
STO $NVDA 180/190 Dec 20 #BuPS @1.65.

From Yesterday, following Jeff’s Butterfly: BTO $NVDA Nov 15 +210c/-212.5c/-217.5c/+220 Condor @-0.45
Today: BTC $NVDA Nov 15 212.5c @0.18 Gain of (5.27 – 0.18) = +5.09
BTC $NVDA Nov 15 217.5c @0.08 Gain of (3.2 – 0.08) = +3.12
STC $NVDA Nov 15 220c @0.06 Loss of (2.4-0.06) = – 2.34
Rolled the $NVDA 210c into a Dec 20 230/240 #BeCS @+0.90 with 6.52-0.2 = 6.32 loss realized, so far, on the 210c.
All of which just about adds up to hopefully, the Call spread expires worthless and covers brokerage fees.

Rolled $PTON 27 Nov 15 27 Calls (covered) // Nov 22 28 Calls @+0.30, with $PTON @~27.6. Underlying was BTO at 27 on the day of IPO. May have jumped too early, as its pulled back under $27 again today.
Rolled Up/Out $PTON Nov 15 26 long puts // Nov 22 27 long puts @0.85.

FOMO, irrational exuberance, when are…

FOMO, irrational exuberance, when are people going to learn buy low sell high or short high and buy low. Everyone piling in when the market is more expensive than it has ever been………

Bloomberg had something on the other day that said the smart money is already positioning for a pull back for what it is worth. But I am not going short until it is established.

Whats the famous quote, the market can be irrational longer than I can be solvent 🙂

More VXX closed

#VXXgame Sold to close $VXX Jan 17th 20 puts for 3.50. Bought between Jan 22 and Aug 27 for avg price of 1.30. Sold four batches so far at 2.65, 3.00, 3.25, and 3.50.

Still holding a final batch. Going for 4.00.

Update on week’s trades

Closed out $X $13.50 puts expiring today at $24 loss.  Didn’t want to commit $2700 in capital for an unknown amount of time to break even.

$AGRX is down 30% this morning on news that Twirla review will be extended 90 days.  Unrealized loss is only $2.00 right now, and I picked up an additional June $2.5 Call at $0.75.  Planned on holding through Jan anyways so no change in plans.

$ADMP still holding, no word from FDA yet on their Naloxone high dose drug.

Have a good weekend!


#CoveredCalls #Earnings #ShortPuts – Not much left to do this week…

ISRG: Booking it a week early.
Bought to Close ISRG NOV 22 2019 530.0 Put @ .40 (sold for 5.50)

NVDA: Booking the earnings and selling a new one on the dip.
Bought to Close NVDA NOV 15 2019 200.0 Put @ .14 (sold for 3.35)
Sold NVDA DEC 20 2019 190.0 Put @ 2.60 (early on this one)

RTN: Long time stock position going away
Stock called away at 185.0 (basis 182.90)

TNA: Long time stock position going away.
Stock called away at 54.50 (basis 41.30)

DIS covered calls

Sold $DIS 12/20 155 calls @ .99. Covered by long stock. Delta 20/stock currently at 145.74.