Bunch o trades, good thing…

Bunch o trades, good thing I had the day out of the office.

I believe everyone here has heard John Carter talk about the “plane trade”. Whenever he is on a plane and cannot trade the market goes haywire. I have the ski and kiteboard trade that is similar but magically did not happen yesterday. The Theta crush was nice, decay was $1400 yesterday and crushed to $40 this morning. So anyway I took it and went flat and used the $ to set up some #pietrades for next week.

First a few observations now that I am into my taxes.
1. It seems my best trades were #pietrades and anything I had basically sold naked or converted to a CC after assignment.
2. #fuzzy trades work well for recovery. Exhibit SWKS dropped 17 points on me after earnings. I rolled as much as I could then converted to a put based #fuzzy when it kept dropping. Managed to close out for $1635 profit today, it could have been really ugly and took about 13 weeks for it to pay off.
3. Getting out of #fuzzy trades is not as profitable as a CC or being assigned the put. The bid-ask on the longer dated options cuts into the profit. When the put assigns or the CC assigns you have basically sucked every penny of time value out of that option. However on a percentage basis synthetics are much better ROC.
4. Finding anything not way extended at the moment is really hard but I found a few for #pietrades
5. Laddering #pietrades usually does not work because you end up getting assigned on all of them at the same time. Better to keep them weekly. There is always something out there with decent premiums and a not too bad looking chart.

SVXY rolled Feb 2 105 puts to feb 110 for 2.92 credits. Sold for 3.42 so if assigned the cost basis will be 104
Did the same for Feb 16 105 to 110 for 2.05 credit. sold for 3.42.

SWKS closed out the final put #fuzzy at 100/102 for 13.10 credit. Made $1635 on the trade after rolling for 13 weeks. Good to be out with earnings next week.

WDC Closed out the put/call #fuzzy 82.5 strikes for 13.32 and 13.15 credits. Total profit $2600 but not great, I was up over 15k on that trade at one point. From now on will take the money early if the profit is there!!!!!!!!!

1. AAPL new CC for next week 165 strike for 163.43 runs through earnings but hope it will close on Friday 2/2 max profit $471 on 3 contracts if it closes.

2. GM 2/2 42.5 put for 0.53, 3 contracts for $156 after commisions

3. GILD open for 28 DTE 72 call is way ITM so will let it expire in a few weeks.

So basically made $627 for this week in income on 2 new trades using a 50k account with some margin. Goal is 900 a week so fairly close. Once the GILD trade closes I think it is possible.

Hope everyone had a good week. Only trade I have until next Friday is the #spycraft /ES puts once they decay a little more.

Cheers 🙂