MU DubDub Cal for earnings

BTO MU Mar22/29 36/36/44/44 put/put/call/call @.39
BTO MU Mar22/29 40 call cal @ .26
Max risk .65. Max potential profit 1.29
So far, MU is stuck after the announcement. Best possible scenario for the calendars.:-)

Disney Done Down?

Looking at today’s price action and feeling like the down move (at least in the short term) could be exhausted. Sold $DIS Apr 18 106/101 bull put spread for 1.07 with the stock at 109.21. Delta of the short puts is 32.

WSM earnings analysis

#Earnings — $WSM reports tonight. Below are details on earnings THIRTY-FOUR-day moves over the last 12 quarters, since the next available options are 29 days from expiry.

Thu 11/15/2018 AC -18.61% Biggest DOWN
Wed 08/22/2018 AC +4.62%
Wed 05/23/2018 AC +26.22% Biggest UP
Wed 03/14/2018 AC -9.19%
Thu 11/16/2017 AC +1.95%
Wed 08/23/2017 AC +15.20%
Wed 05/24/2017 AC -2.43%
Wed 03/15/2017 AC +11.99%
Thu 11/17/2016 AC +0.37%
Wed 08/24/2016 AC -6.61%
Wed 05/25/2016 AC -1.78%
Wed 03/16/2016 AC +0.38%

Avg (+ or -) 8.28%
Bias 1.84%, positive bias on earnings.

With stock at 57.50 the data suggests these ranges:
Based on current IV (expected move into APRIL EXPIRATION per TOS): 51.34 to 63.66
Based on AVERAGE move over last 12 quarters: 52.74 to 62.26
Based on MAXIMUM move over last 12 Q’s (26.2%): 42.42 to 72.58
Based on DOWN max only (-18.6%): 46.80

Open to requests for other symbols.

NTNX Up 2.65, well into…

NTNX Up 2.65, well into the gap.

SPX 1-dte closed

#SPX1dte Earlier, bought to close $SPX March 20th 2870 short calls for .05.
Just now, BTC 2790/2770 put spreads for .10.

Sold condors yesterday for .75. Chose to not allow to expire as FOMC announcements are unpredictable. Now, however, as we are dead flat, things look safe for expiry.

Tastyworks vs. TOS

Have enough cash sitting around to open another account. I know some of you are using tastyworks. I applied but have not funded yet.

1. Execution and platform similar to TOS? TOS saves me money not on commissions but they usually wiggle in between the bid/ask (that saves me more than commissions)
2. Any additional tools on tastyworks that make it worthwhile?
3. Any problems with it?
4. Any idea what the portfolio margin limit is?
5. Do you have to get the market feed (currently $100 a year), or is there enough data on the platform to make it work without it?

Thanks in advance.

Of course I can also move the money to an existing TOS account, that’s why I am curious about the works.

#earnings (kind of)MU Sold May…

#earnings (kind of)MU

Sold May 17, 34/46 strangle for 1.62, profitable beyond the recent max 1 day moves. Thanks for the data Jeff.