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#markettide V3 is out. Does…


V3 is out. Does not appear to be a huge resource hog as Bryan initially told me. However, appears less sensitive so you may have to change the ATR settings if you want it to pick up all the pivots.

Default is 0.50 upper but I am trying 0.25 for a while. More sensitive but will be trading full time for a few weeks.

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte The long spreads I bought Friday didn’t work; was able to sell a few call spreads for .15 and .20 tis morning.

Since I still have a put spread expiring this Friday, I also sold $SPX March 22nd 2860/2885 call spreads for 3.10.

Hello bistro, my fun ski…

Hello bistro, my fun ski day March 7 turned into a trip to UMD shock trauma so have been out of work and trading for a few weeks. However, I am home another 4 weeks and plan to trade as actively as I can, kind of a test run for full time trading when I retire someday many years from now.

Won’t bore or gross you out with the details, but a collision with another skier (they are ok from what I have heard) sent me face down into the snow from a jump in the terrain park at the end of the day. It subsequently broke my nose (7th time) and 6 other bones in my face. Fortunately my brain and spinal cord are fine and the helmet did its job. But it took a 4 hour surgery and 4 titanium plates in my palate and sinuses to put me back together.

Anyway, my jaw is wired shut for 4 more weeks so I can’t talk which is required for my job. So I am home recovering and will be trading while I burn through my vacation time, fortunately had enough to cover it.

With that said, I needed a bunch of cash so STO EXPE 43 DTE on last Thurs. 115 put for 2.10 in a larger account. My goal is to close it for 50% profit in 3-4 weeks. Tastytrade style.

One of my goals going forward with trading is to target certain trades for certain requirements. With that said, #pietrades will still be the bread and butter, but I occasionally will sell something farther out and OTM mostly to pull the cash out of the account and use it for certain expenses.

Other trades I have on, sorry some of the dates are hazy. I traded some prior to surgery but my vision was fuzzy and my judgement was slightly impaired. Fortunately does not look like I did anything stupid.
Assigned 300 shares EOG over the weekend at the 96 put but cost basis 93.03. STO 3 march 29 90.5 calls at 1.24 this morning. Will manage aggressively. Cb 91.79.
GILD rolled the 70/70 #fuzzy down to 65/65 for debit but cost basis 8.41.
TRIP 52.5 CC for this week cost basis 52.33.
ERX 21.5 cc should assign this friday at cost basis of 20.28.
TQQQ i rolled both batches to 54.5 CC with cost basis of 56.39 and batch 2 53.5 cc for 56.75 and somehow have a third batch now at the 55 cc for 53.79 cost basis.
XBI #fuzzy 80/80 was assigned early on half. Closed and rolled 1/2 the short side up to 91.5.
FAS 57 cc cost basis is 54.20 and will let assign in 2 weeks.
GILD 67.5/67.5 #fuzzy rolled down for credit. Cost basis 6.11.
EOG batch 2 88.5 cc at 92.83 cost basis.

Hope everyone is doing well 🙂

Learned a few life lessons from this but not sure if it will help trading, will see.

On a slow day, I…

On a slow day, I think of ice cream
Don’t miss out, first day of spring this Wednesday!

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 12.23.57 PM


HIIQ STO 4/18/19 37.0 CALLS @1.60
HIIQ STO 4/18/19 40.0 CALLS @.89
Above sold against 38.0 &39.0 short puts

#coveredcallcampaign AMAT Assigned on AMAT…

#coveredcallcampaign AMAT
Assigned on AMAT again, cost basis of 200 shares is 43.44. Sold 2, April 18, 41 calls for .96.

Hello all!

Wanted you to know I haven’t gone anywhere. This is one of my favorite trading hangouts. I ran out of hours in the day for trading, posting, working, and taking care of my granddaughter. Still trading SPX ICs, collars, ITM covered calls, seasonal trades, and momentum. Good trading to all!


#ShortPuts #IRA – Starting a new position after having all my stock called away over the weekend. Selling at the 50ma and hoping to add lower.

Sold 1 SOXL APR 18 2019 110.0 Put @ 2.70


OSTK STO 20.5 3/22/19 CALLS @.50

A TRADE: Slow day.

OSTK STO 3/22/19 17.0 PUTS @.45


#CoveredCall – Stock has been weak so staying aggressive…and selling prior to earnings.

Sold WYNN APR 05 2019 116.0 Call @ 3.50

TQQQ calls

#LongLEAPs #SyntheticCoveredCalls Sold $TQQQ Apr 5th 54 calls for 3.40