#hedge LULU In addition to…

#hedge LULU

In addition to the May strangle I sold today, I have had an April 18, 130/135 short ratio put spread (2 short 130s, 1 long 135) trade put on March 1. LULU has been up and down, trade hasn’t been profitable. I bought a March 29, 120/130 put spread for 1.33. If LULU drops big I have some insurance, will be OK on a big rise, the short 130s will cover the hedge.

#ironcondor TSLA Sold May 17,…

#ironcondor TSLA

Sold May 17, 215/220/320/325 for 1.83.

The pull back helped a…

The pull back helped a few positions so rolling.

SQ this week 76/76/76.5 rolled the puts to next week 4/5 to the 75.5 put for 0.08 credit. I will let the call side expire worthless then re-establish the #jadelizard on Monday. Cb now 74.14 on put side, no risk to upside.

STO the 4/5 XBI 86/86/86.5 jade lizard for 1.19 credit. Cost basis 84.81 on downside and no risk to upside. Skewed it slightly to downside in case market keeps going down. Anywhere above 86.5 make 0.69 per contract. Below will roll the puts.

EOG batch 1 rolled the 90.5 cc out 2 weeks to 4/11 for 1.05 credit. Cost basis down to 90.74. 1 more roll should be profitable.

Not having a lot of success with directional trades, but by having time to watch the market (not all day) I have been able to time my rolls better and make more income. Not sure I will ever be a full on directional trader. Even watching the 1 minute /ES chart, just missed the pivot.


#LongPuts – Lottery tickets here…

Bought CMG JAN 15 2021 210.0 Puts @ 1.70 and 1.85

#callbutterfly CMG tastyTrade idea sold…

#callbutterfly CMG

tastyTrade idea sold April 18, 715/725/725/745 for 1.00 (but 1, 715, sell 2, 725s, buy 1 745), CMG hovering around 700.

SPX 1-dte puts closed

#SPX1dte Bought to close $SPX March 27th 2755 short puts for .10. Allowing remainder to expire. Condors sold yesterday for 1.20.


#LongCalls – Dr. J reporting unusual options activity with MS July 44 strike calls being bought. FAS will be back on the radar for some put sales. Would like to see it a little lower first…