SPX 1dte credit spreads

STO Mar8 BuPS 2700/2695 @ .3125 x8 (average price)
STO Mar8 BeCS 2790/2795 @ .25 x4
Decided not to bore you with the details of building my trades.

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX March 8th 2680/2700-2775/2795 condors for 1.10. (IV 13.48%, SPX 2747)

Also, closed April 5th 2525/2550-2925/2950 condors for 1.75. Sold for 2.60 on 2/20 as a roll. I didn’t want to sit with anything right now as I feel a rush lower could be happening in the coming days.


#ShortPuts – Starter position…

Sold SQ APR 18 2019 65.0 Puts @ 1.30

Overall it’s a welcome selloff the last few days. Getting a lot of my weekly call sales against LEAPS and covered calls back into play…finally


HIIQ STO 3/15/19 40.0 CALLS @1.40
HIIQ STO 3/15/19 39.0 PUTS @2.05 ITM These are usually monthly expirations, but this week only it’s a weekly. ;>)


New Diagonal Call Spread – somewhat risky with 1 DTE
Sold UVXY 03/08/2019 48.50 Calls / Bought UVXY 04/18/2019 90.00 Calls @ 0.55 Credit.
The upside is that the short can be easily rolled if necessary tomorrow

COST dub cal

#Earnings Bought to Open $COST Mar08/Mar15 217.5 #DoubleCalendar for 1.20. As yesterday, filled on TOS but not IB yet.