Rolled AMZN Short Call

$AMZN BTC 3/15 1675 and STO 3/22 1690 call for additional 3.60 credit. Sold against long 4/18 1700 calls.

$EVTC Assigned 3/15 calls at 30. Basis 29.70 Stock current price 28.67


HIIQ Covered my naked calls that I did today.

FB – early rollup

Bought to close FB 03/15/2019 170.00 Calls @ 1.06. Sold them @ 2.23 on 3/07 on another rollup.
Replaced them with FB 03/22/2019 172.50 Calls @ 1.46 for a 0.40 credit + 2.50 better strike price.

I may be early like I was on WDC yesterday but at least I have 175 and 177.50 calls expiring tomorrow

#dividends SPDR funds I’m not…

#dividends SPDR funds

I’m not certain but I think the SPDR ETFs are all ex-div tomorrow, symbols beginning with X, I’m open to correction if I’m wrong.

AVGO earnings trade

#Earnings Bpought to open $AVGO Mar 15th 260/265/267.5 call #BrokenWingButterfly for 1.70. No upside risk. Allows for a 3% downside move.

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold $SPX March 15th (PM) 2755/2775-2835/2855 condors for .75. (IV: 10.37%, SPX 2809)

I will be closing today’s condor for as cheaply as possible into the close, to avoid gap risk on tomorrow morning’s settlement.

A TRADE: Expires tomorrow.

HIIQ STO 3/15/19 32.0 PUTS @.45 I’ll accept the stock if put to me. Stock seems to be settling down.