ROKU put spread

With the negative effect from the Apple event behind it, I’m looking at today’s price action/bounce off support as an opportunity to trade this to the upside. Earnings likely early/mid May.
Sold $ROKU May 17 55/50 BuPS for 1.25. Delta of short puts 23.

SYNA Short Calls

$SYNA STO 3/29 37.5 calls at .35 Covered Thank you @honkhonk81 for inspiration

SPX 1-dte, er, 2-dte

#SPX1dte Sold $SPX April 1st 2720/2740-2855/2875 condors for 1.00 (IV: 11.32%, SPX 2811). Meant to sell March 29th but I sold Monday’s.

#shortcallspreads #postearnings LULU Sold May…

#shortcallspreads #postearnings LULU

Sold May 17, 185/195 for 1.50.

#lizardpies SQ rolled the put…

SQ rolled the put down yesterday, today closed the 76/76.5 ccs for 0.05. The sold the 4/5 75.5/76 ccs fro 0.16 credit. After the roll of the puts earlier in the week, break even now 74.03 on down side and no risk to upside. In fact anything over 75.5 makes 4.10 a contract from the accumulated credits now.

Jeff what is your opinion…

Jeff what is your opinion on RH? I have a 135/137 call spread. It is under water at this time, no sure whether to gamble on a pop or take a small loss. cost 1.01


SYNA BTO STOCK 36.62 Replacing some of the stock I BTO this morning.