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Close TSLA BECS Early

$TSLA BTC 3/15 335/325 BECS at .60. STO 2/8 at 3.00.

SPX 4-dte roll

#SPX1dte Sold $SPX March 8th 2700/2720-2830/2850 condors for 2.03. Partial roll for loss taken this morning. (IV 12.34%, deltas .13p, .11c, SPX 2785.

SPX 2dte makes another appearance

STO SPX Mar6 BeCS 2820/2825 @ .30 x4
BTC SPX Mar6 BuPS 2740/2735 @ .05 x4. Sold @ .30. Profit $100
STO SPX Mar6 BeCS 2820/2825 @ .25 x4
STO SPX Mar6 BuPS 2760/2755 @ .25×4
Full position on for this round.

I was planning to pause on the ICs due to low vol. Then the low vol went poof. Also, you could say that @hcgdavis made me do it.:-)

#jadelizards, #lizardpies, #pietrades, #spikedjadelizard, #spycraft

#earnings CRM Sold April 18,…

#earnings CRM

Sold April 18, 125/185 strangle for 1.47, thanks for the data Jeff

Upside Warning canceled

#VIXIndicator The $VIX just took out the Upside Warning by 1-point. We need to close at 16.97 or higher for this to be a Downside Warning.

SPX 1-dte dream shattered

#SPX1dte Major suckage… Stopped $SPX March 4th 2770/2750 put spread for 4.60. What started as a brilliant #RiskReversal turned out to be my biggest loser since December (about 3.00 loss, after all accounted for).

To be expected once you get comfortable allowing spreads to expire. The first time volatility comes back it will take a bite.