Final Trades and Expirations

#Earnings #DoubleCalendar
Sold to close $NKE Mar22/Mar29 88 put calendar for .02. Holding long 88 calls into next Friday. Good job by Mort closing the put calendar earlier at .17… I just had too much faith. Double Calendars bought yesterday for .49.

Exercising: $TIF 96/100/102 calls #BrokenWingButterfly for 2.00. Bought yesterday for 1.50. Allowing to exercise on IB for about 70 cents in fees per lot, but closed manually for 2.00 on TOS to avoid $45 in fees.

SPX 1dte sold

#SPX1dte Sold $SPX March 25th 2735/2755/2855/2875 condors for 1.00 (IV: 11.64%, SPX: 2809)


STO April 1, 2575/2625 put spread at .60 cents.

SPX 27-dte roll

#SPX1dte Sold $SPX April 17th (monthlys) 2600/2625/2925/2950 condors for 3.65, #Rolling from recently stopped daily spreads.

Econ Calendar for week of 3/25/19

–Various Fed speakers throughout the week
–GDP report Thursday before the opening bell.

Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 10.33.27 AM
Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 10.34.44 AM

Link to calendar:

VXXB long put spread

Another position to offset SVXY losses.
Bought $VXXB Apr 5 33/28 bear put spread for 2.50 debit. Will look to take 1.25 profit out of it.

SPX 1-dte stopped

#SPX1dte I can say I was not expecting this after yesterday, but clearly volatility is coming back for at least a visit, if not to stay longer this time. Also getting too loose with my rules…. stop level was hit on the first dip. But it never fails that when I follow my rule and dump out for breakeven, the day ends flat. If I let it go, then we end up ITM. This is two big hits in the month, so must change my ways. Thank God Feb was so strong for my accounts!

BTC $SPX March 22nd 2810/2790 put spreads for 5.00. Condors sold for .80 yesterday.

With the warning signal from the VIX looking to sell a week-out call spread. Also have the March 29th 2820/2800 put spreads, now ITM. Will give these until Monday to see if this is a head fake and look to roll it then.

Upside Warning canceled

#VIXIndicator It was only a “minor” one so not surprising that it didn’t last long or go far… VIX spiked today to reach 25% higher than yesterday’s close, so that cancels the minor upside warning. A close at 17.04 or higher would be a Downside Warning.

UVXY call spread

Sold $UVXY May 17 55/65 bear call spread @ 1.20

NUGT Closed my Mar 22nd…

NUGT Closed my Mar 22nd 21 short calls at .04. I will look to cover up again next week. Have a great weekend all.


STO April 3, 2600/2650 bull put spread for a net of .66 cents


Closed BWBF $2.19 cost 1.61 yesterday
Thanks to Jeff


Closed put Cal .17 will wait for the balance