Expiration SPX GOOS / NTNX Put Assigned

$SPX 4/5 2685/2710/2925/2910 Thank you @jeffcp66
$GOOS 49 call
$NTNX 37.50 put assigned. Basis 36.85 Price 37.17


Sold April 12th 21 calls @ .24

Have a great WE, Thanks…

Have a great WE, Thanks Jeff great job


BTO Apr 12 1210/1207.50 BePS $1.14 #supercharger
going down in an up market

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold $SPX Apr 8th 2835/2855-2915/2925 condors for .70 (IV: 6.21%, SPX: 2889)

Off topic

This is a boring day so I will entertain you with my latest problem. It seems that someone set up a FL corporation using my name and address in January of this year. I found out about it by the letters from other services trying to sell them services that came to my address. Any way, I posted a notarized letter on the corporate site at the Dept. of Corporation stating that this was not me and probably a fraud. I then froze my credit and now will wait to see what happens.

TRADES: Rolled out

NTNX BTC 4/5/19 37.5 PUTS @.50
NTNX STO 4/12/19 37.5 PUTS @1.10 .60 Credit


HIIQ STO 4/19/19 28.0 NTM CALLS @1.20
YETI STO 4/12/19 29.5 NTM PUTS @1.05

Everything is Awesome



NTNX STO 4/12/19 NTM 38.0 CALLS @.60
AMD STO 4/12/19 29.5 NTM 29.5 CALLS I’ll see if it works next week, like it did this week.