Close Early NFLX

$NFLX BTC 4/18 310/320 BUPS at .61. STO at 1.70. Prudence reigns. I have several open $NFLX trades.

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold $SPX Apr 17th 2865/2885-2930/2950 condors for .80. (IV: 8.05%, SPX: 2908)


BTO IC Apr 18 375/377.5 325/322.5 $1.13
Following DK with this idea for an Earnings trade.


$BA STC 4/18 370/400 BUCS at 8.50 BTO pre crashes on 3/12 for 15.00

$AMZN STO 4/18 1840/1845 at 1.35

NFLX tight condor

#Earnings Sold to Open $NFLX Apr 18th 345/355-365/375 #IronCondor for 8.35.

Risking 1.65 to make 5.00-7.00. Max win is about 8.35 but that’s only if I wait for expiration on Thursday. I’ll look to close this when (and if) stock price gets close enough to my 10-point center range for a profit.

NFLX often gaps big, but then sometimes will fade for the rest of the day (or two days). This is a smaller position as probability is lower and I don’t want to lose the max on a large position.

Rolling AMZN

$AMZN BTC 4/18 1850 call and STO 4/26 1870 call at added 24.14 credit per contract. These are covered by 4/26 1760 long calls

A TRADE: Strangled it.

VFF STO 4/18/19 10.0 PUTS @.35 Expires Friday.

A TRADE: A goof, because…

A TRADE: A goof, because I’m bored. Stock is down because Citron said it’s going to a dollar.
VFF STO 4/18/19 11.0 CALLS @.55. 2 Days and 2.5 hours to expiration. ;>) Watching.

IBM dub cal

#Earnings Bought to open $IBM Apr18/Apr26 145 #DoubleCalendar for .40. Surprised I was filled below mid price… partial fill, may have to raise bid to fulfill my full position.

This has a 5% average move… tomorrow’s breakevens are showing to be precisely at 5%. So this has an even chance of working, but also an additional day to fade any large move.

A TRADE: Was going to…

A TRADE: Was going to sell the stock, but thought with 2 days to expiration, I’ll try and grab another .45. ;>)

AMD STO 4/18/19 28.0 ATM CALLS @.45 Covered