AMD Hi geewhiz, I was…

AMD Hi geewhiz, I was assigned too, but I also had a bushel of covered calls that expired, and I still have the stock, except now I have a little more? ;>) I’ll be out of the stock before earnings, which are Tuesday. I’ll get out of them tomorrow, Monday, which will give me more gunpowder to trade my new fav, IRBT. I already own some stock and a few BuPS, premiums are good, and uses very little margin, IMO anyway.
Have a great week. Honkhonk81

AMD Assigned

$AMD 28 put Basis 27.43 Stock at 27.88 Thank you @honkhonk81

Expirations / Closed SPX Early / 1 DTE SPX / Assigned XLNX / STO NFLX TSLA BUPS

$FB 195 calls (covered)

$SPX BTC 4/26 2930/2955 BECS at 1.40 STO 4/22 at 3.17 The put side sold for 1.63 and expired. Thank you @jeffcp66

$SPX STO 4/29 2875/2895/2950/2965 IC at 1.30 Thank you @jeffcp66

$XLNX Assigned at 128. STO 4/26 128 put at 2.30 before earnings. Stock now at 118.93. Will cover.

$NFLX STO 5/17 350/355 BUPS at 1.35
$TSLA STO 5/17 245/250 BUPS at 1.95 Hope I was early, not wrong.