BURL TQQQ Roll / SFLY Covered Call

$BURL BTC 4/5 155 call and STO 4/18 160 call at .03 debit. Stock at 156.50
$TQQQ BTC 4/18/56 call and STO 5/17 58 call at .35 added credit. Sold against 1/2020 66.67 call. Stock at 60.48

$SFLY STO 4/18 42.50 call at .60 (Covered)

S&P Often Does Well After positive first quarters

January, February and March set up U.S. stocks to move higher in the rest of 2019, if history is any guide. The S&P 500 Index rose in all three months this year for the 20th time since 1950, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Gains for April through December followed in each of the earlier years except 1987, when stocks crashed in October. The average advance in the nine-month period was 9.5 percent. April and the second quarter were above average for those years as well, Ryan Detrick, a senior market strategist at LPL Financial, wrote Tuesday in a Twitter post based on the three-month performance.unnamed


$CRM BTO 5/17 150/165 BUCS at 8.36

TSLA put spread

On the $TSLA intraday recovery sold 4/18 250/240 BuPS @ 1.77

Afternoon Finally hit the right…

Afternoon Finally hit the right sequence of keys and some how managed to get the posting screen. Hopefully I can repeat the secret sauce later. Great calendar seminar Jeff. Caught most of it. Sold MU April 12th 45 C @ .35. Sold ERX April 12th 23.5 C @ .30. Sold NUGT April 12th 20 C @ .25 but closed them at @ .41 with the stock at 19. I will resell later.

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold $SPX Apr 5th 2825/2845-2910/2925 condors for .95 (IV: 10.36% SPX: 2877)


#ShortPuts – Cleaning up one more…

Bought to Close SOXL APR 18 2019 110.0 Put @ .25 (sold for 2.70)