BTC LULU 180/190 4/26 BeCS @0.27.

This was some “when in doubt close it out” — it was the call side of an 150/160/180/190 4/26 #ironcondor sold for 1.25 on 4/17. Still have the put side – didn’t get any fills for a BTC order – expecting to hold it through expiration.

FFIV closed

#Earnings Sold to Close $FFIV Apr26/Mar03 165 #DoubleCalendar for 2.10. Bought yesterday for .81 and .82.

Had to pay .02 to close the $MMM 220 put calendar to avoid assignment. Dub Cal bought yesterday for .904


#Earnings Sold to Open $AMZN Apr 26th 1885/1915/1945 #IronButterfly for 28.15. Risking 1.85 to make hopefully a lot.

#doublecalendar, #longstraddle, #shortstrangles

#fallingknife possibilities HOG NTGR

Both of these down big after earnings

TSLA combo trade.

BTO June 250 call @ 21.57

STO June 200 puts @ 6.06

STO June 270 call @ 10.78

The stock is breaking down on volume and the next major support level is 180


#earnings GRUB

Sold May 17, 50/90 strangle for 1.41 stock at 70, thank you for the data Jeff.

#ironcondor TSLA

Sold May 17, 210/215/285/290 for 1.06.